Guitar & Bass

Repair Pricing - Guitar & Bass

Guitar (Electric/Acoustic)
Bass (Electric only)

The prices shown are guidelines for what to expect a repair to cost, but pricing may vary according to each repair.  Pricing does not include parts.

Brace Reglue 50.00 Pick-up Installed (IBEAM/Rare Earth)(+9volt bat.) 50.00
Bridge Reset 100.00 Pick-up Installed( Matrix, Baggs B-band)  (+9volt bat.) 75.00
Bridge Reset w/pickup 120.00 Pick-up Installed On-board EQ  (+9volt bat.) 175.00
Crack Repair N/A (estimate only) Pick-up Installed Electric Guitar 100.00
Electronics Trouble Shooting (Estimate only) 40.00 Potentiometer Replaced 25.00
Fret Leveling and Polishing 75.00 Restring and Tune (6-string) 20.00
- Fret Ends Dressed
40.00 Restring and Tune (12 string) 30.00
- Refret Complete Fingerboard  (no binding) 300.00 Saddle Installed, Bone fitted 50.00
- Refret Complete (Bound Fingerboard) 350.00 Saddle Installed Compensated, Bone 50.00
- Refret Partial - Each 200.00 Set-Up Basic New Guitar 50.00
Headstock Repair w/Basic Touch-up 100.00 Set-Up Complete 85.00
Headstock Repair w/ Complete Touch-up 195.00 Set-Up w/Fret Level and Polish 125.00
Hydrate Instrument 40.00 Strap Button Installed 10.00
Neck Reset (Dovetail) 500.00 Tuning Key Installed 35.00
Neck Reset (Bolt-on) 200.00 Tuning Key Installed Fill and Touch-up 50.00
Nut Bone Fitted, Action set 60.00 Non-Standard repairs are billed at an HOURLY rate. 75.00
Pick Guard, Custom Cut 75.00