Fiddle & Violin

Repair Pricing - Fiddle & Violin

The prices shown are guidelines for what to expect a repair to cost, but pricing may vary according to each repair. Pricing does not include parts.

Install Student Bridge 45.00 Crack and Bout Repair (each) 20.00
Restring 20.00 Total Rehab Without Removing Top 200.00
Replace Fingerboard 110.00 Total Rehab With Top Removed 250.00
Plane and Refinish Fingerboard 50.00 Basic Setup 45.00
Reset Neck 135.00 Complete Setup 85.00
Reset Sound Post 20.00 Bow Rehair 45.00
New Sound Post, Cut and Fit 50.00 New Bow Grips 45.00
Fine Tuners Install, Each 20.00 New Bow Wire 45.00
End Pin & Tail Piece Installed 20.00 Bow Tip Repair$65 65.00
New Pegs and Peg Box Rework 45.00 Non-Standard repairs are billed at an HOURLY rate. 75.00