Banjo & Mandolin

Repair Pricing - Banjo & Mandolin

The prices shown are guidelines for what to expect a repair to cost, but pricing may vary according to each repair. Pricing does not include parts.

Adjust truss rod, Adjust head, Set Bridge,Set tailpc., Tighten hardware, Adjust tuning pegs, Clean frets and oil fingerboard, Restring and tune, Fret Work Extra
Adjustments will be set to players requests/ needs after personal consultation, Basic Set-up Adjust action set bridge 40.00
Set-up on Old Timey (antique) Banjos Priced by Estimate only
Complete Set-Up + parts 85.00 Refret Complete 300.00
Head Replace (Plastic) + parts 60.00 Refret Complete (Bound Fingerboard) 350.00
Head Replace (Skin) + parts 100.00 Fret Partial
Clean and Polish Hardware 50.00 Fret Leveling Complete 75.00
Nut Fitted (Bone) 60.00 Fret Leveling Partial 30.00
Nut Fitted (5th String Bone) 25.00 Fret Ends Dressed 40.00
Nut Fitted (5th String Spike) 10.00 Restring and Tune + Parts 20.00
5th String Capo Spikes - each 10.00 Pick-up Install Mcintyre or Fishman 60.00
Geared 5th String Peg Installed + parts 30.00
Planetary Style Pegs Installed (old holes  not filled) + parts 30.00