Other Instruments - Ukulele - Mahalo

If you are a beginner and looking for the best uke to start with, we definitely recommend this Mahalo Ukulele. It is a soprano which is the most common type and the smallest size which is around 13 inches or 33 centimeters. The small scale length makes it easy and simple to stretch for chord shapes. It has an attractive maple body that’s tainted with mahogany brown color and the fingerboard and bridge are made of maple too. Upon purchase, it comes with standard-guitar style tuners and gig bag for easy transport and storage.

Customers who reviewed this product generally say that its definitely worth your money as the instrument is of good quality and provides nice intonation and decent-sound. It is cheap yet playable and can deliver fine tunes. Though most customers agreed that you may have to do a some tuning in the beginning but as you play along, it holds up pretty well. You can have it as a gift for you kid or bring it on the beach to hang out with friends or simply just have fun strumming some strings.