Other Instruments - Ukulele - Lanikai

Founded about 10 years ago Lanikai has grown to become one of, if not the largest ukulele manufacturers in the world. You can find our instruments in just about every music store in the US and in many countries around the globe.

Lanikai Makes Me Happy – This mantra affects us all here at Lanikai. From the simple joys of learning a new song, to playing with friends it was clear there was more to this instrument than its makeup. When playing a Lanikai it is as if a childhood friend comes to visit, it is 2 hours before dark and you have plenty of time to climb that tree before you have to go home.

Soon others experienced what we had created and what began on Lanikai beach has spread through word of mouth and by deeds across the globe. From these humble beginnings a new breed was born. They were once mere residents but now they are Lanikai citizens, and they have mobilized to advance the uke to epic status. To help those future citizens understand what it means to be part of Lanikai we created the Lanikai Citizen Bill of Rights.