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There is simply no better way to escape the stresses of the world than by strumming a fine ukulele. Want to make your worries and cares disappear in an instant? Play one of our handmade ukuleles and see for yourself.   Collings offers a full line of concert and tenor models.

Collings Guitars builds world class guitars, mandolins, archtops, and ukuleles in Austin, TX.

Bill Collings moved from Ohio to Texas in the mid 1970’s. Spurred by a lack of interest in medical school, this move enabled him to combine lifelong interests in both guitars and tools into the challenge of stringed instrument building and repair. After a couple of years in Houston, several guitars and a few banjos later, he headed west to southern California. Making it only as far as Austin, he shared shops with fellow luthiers Tom Ellis and Mike Stevens. From there, he set up his own small shop in a wooden “one car” garage. His reputation for outstanding quality and meticulous attention to detail quickly spread. In 1989, he rented a 1000 square foot space and hired two helpers.