Other Instruments - Dobro

The most exotic sounding instrument in the bluegrass line up, the Dobro brings haunting, reverberant shades of Hawaiian steel and Delta blues tones to the twang and ramble of this great American musical genre. Now Gibson Original Acoustic Instruments unveils a new Limited Edition Dobro that looks every bit as exotic as it sounds – the 27 Deluxe Bubinga Dobro. Made from golden-hued African Bubinga wood and constructed in the tradition of the seminal Dobros that set the standards for resonator-guitar tone some 75 years ago, the 27 Deluxe Bubinga Dobro is available in an extremely limited run of just 15 instruments, a rare opportunity for both player and collector.

Part of the Gibson family since 1993, the Dobro brand has its origins in the late 1920s when John Dopyera, co-founder of the National Guitar company, left National Guitar to establish a new company manufacturing a new kind of instrument with a wood body and outward-facing cone. The style rapidly made inroads with country, western swing, and bluegrass players as a lap-style guitar, and became a standard with many bottleneck blues artists too. The No. 27 Dobro was introduced in the early 1930s and was originally made with a laminated maple or mahogany body. The use of solid Bubinga for the top, back and sides of the new 27 Deluxe — a first for Dobro — takes the format to an entirely new level, both tonally and esthetically, and results in an instrument of unparalleled beauty, and one that also offers a bold, powerful performance in a relatively compact package.