Mandolins - Kentucky

The Kentucky Mandolin has a style and sound all its own which ensures it will be a hit with any musician looking to add a new dimension to their playing style.

For almost 20 years the name Kentucky has been considered one of the best valued, quality brands of Mandolins on the market. All are made of select woods and produce a rich, powerful tone sought after by discriminating players. Let America’s Favorite Mandolin be your favorite too! Today, they continue to offer a great value in the industry. The parent company of Kentucky Mandolins is Saga Music, located in California. Because no other type of instrument carries the Kentucky name, their focus being solely on mandolins,

Kentucky mandolins continue to be today’s best value in hand-made professional quality instruments that can be afforded by all. The KM-855 is a particularly fine example of just how the finest materials are joined together to create an instrument who’s look is second only to its tone! Each Artist series f-model mandolin is hand carved and graduated from the finest mountain spruce and northern maple for the best tonal characteristics. Setting this model apart is the choice of a beautiful ebony fingerboard with the elaborate “Bella Voce” inlay pattern and matching peghead overlay. Rest assured that each mandolin produces a rich, powerful tone in an instrument true to the tradition in every way.