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AMI Models

Never judge a book by its cover.  Godin Guitar’s Ami’s are modeled after the dimensions of a parlor guitar of the early 1900’s. Small in stature but surprisingly large where it counts most… Tone andprojection.

The Ami’s tone is clear and pronounced, making it a great guitar for acoustic blues, slide, folk, finger style or just to simply bring a different tonal color to your next musical project.  While being extremely comfortable to play and very easy to carry around because of its compact size, the Ami’s amazing tone makes these guitars extremely hard to put down.  Also, available in a Nylon String version with a solid cedar top.

Cutaway Models

The Art & Lutherie cutaway models offer the best tonal qualities of the full size dreadnaught models, while giving the player the ability to gain access to the upper frets on the fingerboard. Ideal for the acoustic lead player in any situation. Also, with the addition of optional Quantum 1 electronics, the A&L CW is perfect for any live acoustic gig.

Dreadnaught Models

The full size body of the Art & Lutherie acoustic dreadnaught models offer a tight & warm bottom end, as well as responsive mid-range tones. From full-on strumming to intimate finger style playing, the A&L dreadnaught gives the player a palette of genuine acoustic tones and a range of musical possibilities.

Folk Models

The Folk size acoustic guitar is based upon a classical body shape but with a deeper profile. Slightly smaller than a full size dreadnaught, the Folk emphasizes the mid-range tones with a clarity and responsiveness which is well suited for picking and finger style players alike.