Various Artists
Songs For Sophia FGM116J $15.98

1. Sophie - Brad Davis 3:45
Written by Brad Davis, BDM Publishing, BMI
Brad Davis plays a Collings Clarence White model guitar
Guitar, Mandolin, Bass, Vocals - Brad Davis

2. Burdock Root - Matthew Arcara 4:06
Written by Matthew Arcara, MGA Music
Matthew Arcara plays a Collings D1A
Guitar - Matthew Arcara, Mandolin - Jacob Jolliff, Cello - Tristan Clarridge
Violin - Tashina Clarridge Recorded by Dale Adkins at Adams Ridge Studio

3. Guardian Angels - Keith Sewell 3:09
Written by Keith Sewell, Keith Sewell Music, BMI
Keith Sewell plays a Mahogany Collings Winfield guitar
Guitar - Keith Sewell

4. In His Eyes - Kenny & Amanda Smith 3:30
Written by Steven Curtis Chapman and James Isaac Elliott, Birdwing Music, ASCAP
Kenny Smith plays a Collings D1A Vintage guitar
Guitar and Harmony Vocal - Kenny Smith, Lead Vocal - Amanda Smith

5. Good Medicine - Mark Cosgrove 6:10
Written by Mark Cosgrove, Noisy Neighbors Music, BMI
Mark Cosgrove plays a Collings D2H Winfield guitar
Guitar - Mark Cosgrove, Bass - Byron House, Drums - Kenny Malone Fiddle - Stuart Duncan, Mandolin - Sam Bush, Banjo - Bela Fleck

6. Missing You - Chris Hillman & Herb Pederson 3:58
Written by Chris Hillman, Tom Russell, & Richard Sellars, Bar None Music Inc., BMI
Chris Hillman plays a Collings MF-5 mandolin: Herb Pederson plays a Collings C-J Sunburst guitar
Mandolin and Lead Vocal - Chris Hillman, Guitar and Harmony Vocal - Herb Pederson, Dobro - Sally Van Meter, Fiddle - Gabe Witcher, Guitar - Larry Park, Bass - Bill Bryson

7. The Geese in the Bog - Tim O’Brien 4:24
Traditional, arranged by Tim O’Brien
Tim O’Brien plays a 12-fret Collings DS2H A guitar and a Collings/Nugget collaboration Tim O’Brien model mandolin
Guitar and Mandolin - Tim O’Brien
Engineered by Gary Paczosa and Brandon Bell at Minutiae Sound; Tim O’Brien appears courtesy of Sugar Hill Records

8. You’ve Got So Much Love - Jim Lauderdale 3:01
Written by Jim Lauderdale, SESAC
Jim Lauderdale plays a Collings D2H Sunburst guitar
Guitar and Vocal - Jim Lauderdale

9. Late At Night - Dan Miller & Brad Davis 4:27
Written by Dan Miller and Brad Davis, BDM Publishing, BMI
Dan Miller plays a Collings Clarence White model guitar
Brad Davis plays a Collings Clarence White model guitar with his patented “Brad Bender” B-string bending device
Guitar - Dan Miller; Guitar, Mandolin, and Bass - Brad Davis

10. Whispering Hope - Rich Brotherton 3:52
Traditional, arranged by Rich Brotherton
Rich Brotherton plays a Short Scale, Brazilian/Adirondack Collings OM3 guitar
Guitar and Vocal - Rich Brotherton

11. Old Bud - Cody Kilby 3:12
Written by Cody Kilby
Cody Kilby plays a Brazilian, Adirondack Collings D2H guitar
Guitar - Cody Kilby

12. Tous Les Deux - David Doucet & Scott Fore 3:05
Written by David Doucet
David Doucet plays a Brazilian, Adirondack Collings OM2H guitar: Scott Fore plays a Collings Winfield guitar
Guitar and Vocal - David Doucet, Guitar - Scott Fore, Bass and Vocal - Al Tharp

13. McCreary’s March - Steve Kaufman 3:02
Written by Steve Kaufman, Steve Kaufman Enterprises, Inc. www.flatpik.com
Steve Kaufman plays a Collings OM42 guitar
Guitar - Steve Kaufman

14. Complementary Pillow - James Nash 4:10
Written by James Nash, Nashvillian Music, ASCAP
James Nash plays a Collings D2H A guitar and an MT1 mandolin
Guitar, Mandolin, and Vocals - James Nash

15. Around the House - Chris Newman 2:53
Written by Chris Newman, MCPS/PRS, 2005
Chris Newman plays a Collings OM1E
Guitar - Chris Newman






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