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Whistler's Pocket Companion MB93820BCD $14.95

The most comprehensive tinwhistle tutor available! Contains over 150 delightful tunes in a colorful variety of music styles. Classical, folk, and Irish melodies are presented with guitar chords shown. The carefully sequenced pedagogy guides the player through note reading while introducing the full range of the instruments. Ensemble music is also introduced. Also works well for fife or flute. Key of D. The companion CD includes selected pieces and exercises performed with guitar accompaniment in stereo.

Deluxe Tinwhistle Songbook MB93819 $6.95

Ireland's Patrick Conway has collected 71 favorite Irish ballads, hornpipes, jigs, and reels and transcribed them for the D tinwhistle. Guitar chords are shown for each piece.

Tinwhistle for Beginners MB93821 $4.95

The ideal tinwhistle instructional text for children. This book presents familiar melodies while progressing slowly and carefully. Works equally well for class or individual instruction.

Fun with the Tinwhistle MB94526 $4.95

This beginning method/songbook is designed for the D tinwhistle. Includes music theory, fingering diagrams, note studies, and plenty of songs for practice. The stereo recording features tinwhistle, guitar, and keyboard and contains many of the solos featured in the book.

The Pennywhistle Primer AM34877 $5.95
Beginners will be playing tunes in no time with the introductory guide to one of the world’s easiest instruments. Features fingering charts, and easy-to-read tablature.
The Penny Whistle Book OK63271 $12.95
A complete guide to the pennywhistle for beginning to advanced players using a new systematic approach to fingering. Contains information on modal playing and 56 penny whistle tunes. Superb as a beginner’s text, also of great use to the advanced player looking for additional material.
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