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Full-Page Fingerboard Pad MB97187 $5.95

A premium quality guitar fingerboard pad featuring 96 pages with 6 fretboard diagrams per page and 15 frets per diagram. Printed in red ink on white paper, this book is handy for drawing both chord forms and melodies or scale patterns. A heavy cover sheet is attached to both the front and back to assist in easier writing.

Guitar Tab Pad MB96874 $5.95

A manuscript pad designed for guitar, mandolin, banjo, or any tab notation. Contains 5 systems per page for both notation and tab. Black ink on regular-weight, off-white paper.

The Guitarist's Tablature Book TAB $5.95

Ample pages of large tablature & chord diagrams - easy to write on and easy to read. Also included are handy reference materials such as commonly played chords and scales, lesson logs, and manuscript paper. Full guitar neck diagrams give plenty of room for the teacher to write out longer scales or riffs. Pages are perforated for easy tear-out, and the book lays flat for writing. And there's even a useful "tip" on every tablature page.

Spiral Book No. 159: 4-stave/16 chord boxes (Guitar) PO10736 $5.50

An asset for guitar students and teachers, this book has staves for both standard notation and tablature, plus chord boxes to provide greater ease in writing and studying guitar arrangements.

The Tablature Writing Book OK63305 $7.95


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