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Progressive Music Theory Grade Two KPT2CD $14.95

A comprehensive instruction course in Music Theory, using an easy to follow, lesson by lesson format. Special emphasis on Harmonic Minor scales, relative Major and Minor Keys, 6/8 time, musical form and intervals.

Encyclopedia of Reading Rhythms HL00695145 $19.95

A comprehensive guide to: notes, rests, counting, subdividing, time signatures, triplets, ties, dotted notes and rests, cut time, compound time, swing, shuffle, rhythm studies, counting systems, road maps and more! Provides a Britannica-like benefit to players whose reading skills are underdeveloped or in need of a good polishing. - Rich Watson, Modern Drummer magazine

Music Theory Made Easy w/CD DH10160 $12.95

Many players are intimidated by music theory because most music theory methods are written for classically trained musicians and require the reader to know standard music notation. The method outlined in this useful guide is considered by many to be the most user-friendly music theory method ever. The book covers blues, rock, folk, country, pop, and jazz - with no hard-to-read standard notation included, and comes with a 74-minute CD. It's perfect for any instrument, any level of player, and is an essential tool for would-be songwriters.

Basic Rhythmic Training Hl00123900 $8.95

This book assumes no prior knowledge and begins with elementary rhythmic notation. It provides a comprehensive understanding of basic rhythm and its components: the beat, pulse, time signatures, notes, rests, syncopation. For general music classes and private instruction. Assures better, quicker sight-reading, ear-training, rhythmic proficiency, and introduction to music dictation.

Rhythm What it is and How to Improve your sense of it MB0975466704 $23.95
Good musicianship requires deep mastery of rhythm - feeling it, playing it, and understanding it. In this one-of-a-kind guide, veteran percussionist Andrew Lewis offers time-tested techniques for entering the world of rhythm and inhabiting it comfortably, whether playing the basics or meeting the most advanced challenges.

Designed to benefit every musician, not just drummers, the contents include:
• Insightful explanations of core concepts, from pulse and pattern to polyrhythm and phrasing
• Exercises to help you improve your feel, your sense of time, and your overall accuracy
• Advanced exercises and tools for handling the most complex and difficult rhythms
• Guidance on the habits, attitudes, and practices that contribute to excellent performance

Ear Training HL50449421 $14.95
The Ear Training curriculum of Berklee College of Music is known and respected throughout the world. Now, for the first time, this unique method has been captured in one comprehensive book by the chair of the Ear Training Department. This method teaches musicians to hear the music they are seeing, notate the music they have composed or arranged, develop their music vocabulary, and understand the music they are hearing. The book features a complete course with text and musical examples, and studies in rhythm, sight recognition, sol-fa, and melody.
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