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Music Principles For The Skeptical Guitarist Volume Three: Blues and Jazz SG33 $24.95

Comping for Twelve-Bar blues, Blues Shuffle in the Key of A, Swing Rhythm, Blues Shuffle in the Key of E, Alternatives to the B riff, Variations, Guitar Boogie in E---adding the 3rd, The Major-Minor ambiguity, Variations, Chordal comping for blues in E, Blues lead playing---pentatonics, Em pentatonic box pattern, Exercises, and much more.

Student's Guide to Music Theory MB94086 $5.95

The second book in the highly acclaimed Student's Series, and a must for any person studying the basic fundamentals of music. The handy-sized volume includes easily understood examples, exercises and an excellent section of harmony. A highlight is the brief section on transposition in a most usable, descriptive format. Perfect for individual or classroom use.

Theory & Harmony for Everyone MB 93790 $8.95

A thorough, easily understood workbook of basic music fundamentals. Includes many examples and exercises, as well as an excellent section on harmony. Designed for individual group study. A good supplement to any basic method and a valuable text for any music student.

The Nashville Numbering System HL00704491 $16.50

For many years, musicians in Nashville have used a system of numbers, rather than standard musical notation, in playing and singing and at recording sessions. Neil Matthews, Jr., one of the original members of Elvis Presley's back-up vocal quartet The Jordanaires, invented the system and also wrote this book, which teaches the whole system and also includes quotes, stories and photos of country and pop stars.

Tools For Musicianship HL00641494 $37.50
NOW ON CD! These CDs are packed with fascinating information, important exercises and invaluable training techniques that will bring any aspiring musician to a higher level! Whether into folk, jazz, bluegrass, country, classical or rock, a player or vocalist will gain deeper musical insights and see immediate improvement in such fundamental areas as rhythm, advanced ear training, harmony, melodic development, improvisation and composition skills. THREE CDs · INCLUDES MUSIC · LEVEL ALL
Ear Training For Instrumentalists HL00641439 $59.95
This unique program is an invaluable tool for any musician who wants to sing or play anything he or she hears. Through a progressive series of interactive exercises, Matt Glaser teaches how to recognize pitches and intervals, repeat complex rhythms and play back musical phrases and complete solos - after only one hearing! Beginners and professionals alike, regardless of instrument or style of music, will develop invaluable skills and expand their musical consciousness. SIX CDs · INCLUDES WRITTEN MATERIAL · LEVEL ALL
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