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Complete Scales For All Guitarists AM34000 $9.95

The book that will help guitarists master every scale they’ll ever need. Includes every major and minor scale as they are fingered and played by leading classical, jazz, and rock guitarists. Full-color note-finder poster.

Scales And Modes 4420 $7.95

This book is a fast and fun way to learn how to use modes from day one and will provide a strong foundation from which to build upon.

Guitar From Scratch BK003834 $16.50

This book is all about CHORDS. For now, forget about reading music. Forget about playing single-note leads. And forget about music theory. Focus on the mechanics of PLAYING CHORDS, which is the single most important function of the guitar from “Happy Birthday” to the Beatles, from Nirvana to the Bossa Nova. May the chords be with you.

Guitar From Scratch The Sequel 50295 $16.50

In Guitar From Scratch: The Sequel, you’ll find a lot more stuff. There is a general progression from chord-based information to single-string playing, culminating in a crash course in reading actual notes on the guitar.

Music Principles For The Skeptical Guitarist Volume One: The Big Picture SG1 $24.95
Notes and pitches. The layout of the notes. Tuning the guitar. Chords and chord quality. The Big Fifteen chords. Playing in different keys. The 1-4-5 system. C-A-G-E-D examples. Chord Families. And much more.
Music Principles for the Skeptical Guitarist Volume Two: The Fretboard SG2 $24.95
Even players with no prior music training can easily learn music theory, scales and modes, fret positions, fingering patterns, notation, tablature, and more with this easy-to-use self instruction book with something for every guitarist.
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