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Guitar Legends The Evolution Of The Guitar From Fender To G&L HL00000156 $24.95

The name Fender has become synonymous with guitars. The work of Leo Fender revolutionized the instrument and has influenced nearly every modern guitarist. This book by Leo's best friend and partner in G&L examines the life of the man behind these instruments. It features photos (including 16 pages of color!) never before published. You'll see the barn where Leo was born, the first Fender plant, the earliest instruments he created, and many other rare photos.

The Fender Telecaster HL00183003 $15.95

The Fender Telecaster is regarded as the first commercially successful solid body electric 'Spanish' guitar. Designed by Leo Fender at a time when the words rock and roll were not even coined, the 'Telly' is the senior member of a family of instruments whose sounds and looks helped revolutionize the world of popular music. This book relates the story of Telecaster Guitars since 1950 - everything you ever wanted to know is explored through lots of color and black and white photos, charts and interviews

Acoustic Guitar And Other Fretted Instruments HL00330343 $29.95

Most people aren't aware that the guitar was not always king in the United States. Until the 1930's, the guitar actually played 'second fiddle' to other fretted instruments. This book chronicles the history and development of guitars, banjos, and mandolins in America. 800 color photos detail the evolution of these instruments, from primitive minstrel banjos to elaborately inlaid classic banjos and jazz banjos; from 'taterbug' mandolins to classic Gibson models signed by the legendary Lloyd Loar; and a wide array of flat top, archtop, and resonator guitars.

Complete Guitar Repair OK62810 $24.95

Everything every guitar repairman, player, guitar builder, and guitar owner needs to know about the proper care of every kind of guitar, including electric. Hundreds of diagrams illustrate the text. A must for every true guitarist.

The Making of Stringed Instruments SL10421 $24.95
Experience the joy of making music in a whole new way—from choosing the wood to playing the last note. More than 500 illustrations and a straightforward text explain every stage of crafting stringed instruments, including detailed plans and instructions for constructing a violin, cello, jazz guitar, mandolin and more.
100 Years Of An American Icon 0972751009 $35.00
The ultimate Gibson Guitars "coffee-table" book. This full color, 300 plus page, hard-bound edition spans the entire history of the pre-eminent guitar manufacturer. Full color plates highlight the development of the Gibson product line from its early mandolins through the ground-breaking Lloyd Loar archtops and on through the penultimate rock guitar--the Gibson Les Paul. This is a great gift for guitar lovers anywhere!
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