You Can Teach Yourself Recorder MB94337 $9.95

A comprehensive yet easy-to-understand recorder method ideal for any age. Incorporates clear visual presentation with a wealth of music of all styles. Includes melodic studies and pieces..

Basic Recorder Method MB93786 $7.95

This fine method for soprano (descant) recorder is a 'rote to note' approach which incorporates teaching concepts similar to those found in Suzuki and Kodaly approaches. Especially good for young children.

Hymns & Sacred Melodies for Recorder MB94063 $7.95

Hymns in standard hymnal keys arranged for any combination of soprano or alto recorders (includes both parts). Ideal for worship celebrations, Christian education or the classroom.

Fun with the Recorder MB93290 $4.95

A very popular beginner's text which presents a step-by-step method of soprano (descant) recorder instruction supported by carefully written studies, examples and songs. This book is designed to meet the deamnd for a clear, easy-to-understand, and Pedagogically well constructed method, in a form that is suitable for both classroom teaching and individual instruction. It may be used in class with the companion Fun with the Alto Recorder.

How To Play The Recorder AM35551 $6.95

Clear diagrams and explanations show beginners how to play with rhythm, phrase music, and achieve brilliant sound.

Top Tunes for Recorder MB96496 $8.95

Fifty all-time favorite tunes for players of grade 1-2 level. Each piece contains breath marks and provides chord symbols for accompaniment.

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