Dusty Strings

Dusty Strings builds a number of hammered dulcimer models. They differ in size, materials and bracing methods, and each offer their own benefits – from the affordable laminated-soundboard Prelude with a sweet, balanced sound and easy portability, to the substantial and incredibly lush-sounding 4 ½ octave D650. While the size and materials always affect the ultimate sound, overall we have chosen to build a sound that has a controlled sustain and is strong on the fundamental tone so that it carries well. As players, designers and builders since 1979, we believe this serves the widest possible range of playing styles the best.

It means you can play hard, or play a strong, fast-tempo piece, without losing note definition and balance of sound. A slow ballad is supported by the rich, deep bass which is evenly balanced with the mid and treble range. We believe it is for these reasons that our D650, from the chromatic series, was chosen by Dan Landrum to travel worldwide and play in huge performance venues with Yanni’s orchestra. The D25, which was the predecessor to our D45, was chosen by Rich Mullins to play in his many performances and recordings. Many others have told us over the years that they appreciate the smooth clarity, strong bass and reliable tuning stability of their Dusty Strings dulcimer.