The Osborne Brothers

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Dayton to Knoxville PRC1100J $15.98

1. Y'all Come
2. My Tears Don't Show
3. I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blues Eyes
4. Take My Ring from Your Finger
5. Alabama Listen Listen Listen
6. Wrap My Body in Old Glory When I Go
7. Seven Year Blues
8. I'm Gonna Love You One More Time
9. Is It Too Late Now?
10. I Wonder Where You Are Tonite
11. Little Rosewood Casket
12. Love Is a Danger
13. I Cried Again
14. I'm Waiting to Hear You Call Me Darling
15. Can't You Hear Jerusalem Mourn
16. Across the Sea Blues

From Rocky Top to Muddy Bottom CMH9008J $15.98

1. Rocky Top
2. We Could
3. Georgia Mules And Country Boys
4. Don't Ever Tell Me That You Love Me (Unless You..)
5. Hey Joe
6. All I Have To Do Is Dream
7. Packing Up Your Heart (To Say Goodby)
8. Tell It To Your Old Grandma
9. Little Boy
10. Banjo's Goin' Home
11. Georgia Piney Woods
12. Just Another Dream (I'll Have To Live Without)
13. I Can't See The Rainbow
14. Take Me As I Am (Or Let Me Go)
15. Tennessee Hound Dog
16. Where Did The Sunshine Go?
17. Country Boy
18. Love Hurts
19. Fortune, Fortune
20. Muddy Bottom

The Bluegrass Collection CMH9011J $15.98

1. Kentucky Waltz
2. Pain in My Heart
3. Blue Ridge Cabin Home
4. When You Are Lonely
5. Some Old Day
6. I Hear a Sweet Voice Calling
7. Cabin in Caroline
8. It's a Long Way to the Top of the World
9. Sunny Side of the Mountain
10. Head over Heels
11. Don't That Road Look Rough and Rocky
12. I'm Going Back to Old Kentucky
13. Your Love Is Like a Flower
14. Sweethearts Again
15. Little Cabin Home on the Hill
16. No Mother or Dad
17. Toy Heart
18. Rank Strangers
19. Vision of Mother
20. Lonesome Day
21. My Rose of Old Kentucky
22. This Heart of Mine (Can Never Say Goodbye)
23. Thinking About You
24. White Dove

Essential Osborne Brothers Collection CMH8624J $15.98

1. I Can Hear Kentucky Calling Me
2. You Are My Flower
3. Dusty Miller
4. Each Season Changes You
5. Fourteen Carat Mind
6. Where Did the Sunshine Go?
7. Cherokee Lady
8. Kentucky Waltz
9. Last Letter
10. Bluegrass Concerto
11. Fair and Tender Ladies
12. I've Always Wanted to Sing in Renfro Valley
13. Jesse James
14. We Could
15. Some Old Day
16. Sure-Fire
17. Paper Rosie
18. Take Me as I Am (Or Let Me Go)
19. Rutland's Reel
20. Midnight Flyer

Hillbilly Fever CMH6269J $15.98

1. Hillbilly Fever
2. Cincinnati, Ohio
3. Last Letter
4. Fourteen Carat Mind
5. Old Flames (Can't Hold a Candle to You)
6. Prisoner's Song
7. You Are My Flower
8. Out Behind the Barn
9. Paper Rosie
10. Breaking in a Brand New Pair of Shoes
11. Working Man Blues
12. First Fall of Snow
13. Tragic Romance
14. Orange Blossom Special
Our Father Hymns MCA20874J $9.98
1. How Great Thou Art
2. I Bowed on My Knees and Cried Holy
3. I Pray My Way Out of Trouble
4. Light at the River
5. Rock of Ages
6. What a Friend We Have in Jesus
7. Will You Meet Me over Yonder?
8. Medals for Mothers
9. Will You Be Loving Another Man?
10. Steal Away and Pray

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