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Southern Mountain Banjo MB95275BCD $29.95

This friendly book is filled with clawhammer banjo instruction, tablature, lyrics, tune histories, chords, playing tips, vintage photos, and more. Includes such classid oldtime tunes as, Soldier's Joy; Cluck Old Hen; Arkansas Traveler; Leather Britches; Mississippi Sawyer; Chicken Reel; Shady Grove; Red Rocking Chair; John Henry; Uncle Joe; Little Rosewood Casket; The State of Arkansas; Hogeye; The Old Spinning Wheel; and When You and I Were Young Maggie.

Clawhammer Style Banjo HL00000118 $19.95

Clawhammer Style Banjo - A Complete Guide For Beginning And Advanced Banjo Players| From Ken Perlman, here is a brilliant teaching guide that is destined to become the handbook on how to play the banjo. The style is easy to learn, and covers the instruction itself, basic right and left-hand positions, simple chords, and fundamental clawhammer techniques; the brush, the 'bumm-titty' strum, pull-offs, and slides. For the advanced player, there is instruction on more complicated picking, double thumbing, quick slides, fretted pull-offs, harmonics, improvisation, and more. The book includes more than 40 fun-to-play banjo tunes.

Old-Time Gospel Banjo Solos MB96755BCD $24.95

This book presents 31 of the most-loved old-time gospel songs arranged in the three-finger style, complete with musical notation, banjo tablature, chords and lyrics. Each song is presented first as a beginner-intermediate arrangement, played in the first position in Scruggs style. Most songs are then presented in an up-the-neck arrangement. The CD features five-string banjo solos played in three-finger style and accompanied by guitar, mandolin and bass.

A Book Of Five Strings FIVE $19.95

In this revolutionary follow-up to The How and the Tao of Old Time Banjo Patrick Costello tears down the artificial boundaries imposed on old time banjo over the last twenty years and presents frailing banjo in a manner that gives the reader the know-how to play anything, anywhere with anyone. This is not a tune book or a study of Appalachian banjo styles. A Book Of Five Strings is a guide to understanding and mastering the techniques that form the core skill set of old time banjo. Music theory, improvisation, rhythm and other topics are covered along with left and right hand exercises to build up your coordination and overall understanding of the fretboard. There are even tips on how to use old time banjo techniques in bluegrass and blues settings. A Book Of Five Strings is a must-have for any student or teacher of old time banjo who wants a better understanding of old time banjo and the language of music.


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