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Books About Music Theory

Mel Bay's Theory & Harmony For Everyone

By : L. Dean Bye.  A comprehensive, full-size workbook for learning the
fundamentals of music.  Includes many examples and exercises, as well as
an excellent section on harmony.  This book is designed to be used by
itself, or as a supplement to any traditional instrumental or vocal
method in private or class study.  This "best-selling" theory book was
written to provide aspiring musicians with a basic knowledge and
understanding of the elements of music.

Mel Bay's Student's Guide To Music Theory

By L. Dean Bye.  This handy-sized book is a must for any person studying
the fundamentals of music.  It includes easily understood examples, and
exercises, an excellent section on harmony, and a glossary of musical
terms.  It concisely covers topics ranging from beginning theory to
basic composition principles.  Features a brief section on transposition
in a practical, descriptive format.  Perfect for individual or classroom
use.  (5-1/2" x 8")

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