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Front Porch Old-Time Songbook MB95034 $10.95

Forty-eight all-time favorite Southern songs selected by Wayne Erbsen. Each selection is ideal for "singing and pickin" and is presented with melody line, lyrics, and guitar chords. A special feature is the inclusion of folk stories, jokes and photos.

Cowboy Jokes, Songs, Lingo n' Lore MB96199 $9.95

Packed with old-time cowboy wisdom and advice, this handy book combines 30 classic cowboy songs of the Wild West, with historic photos, cowboy insults, and one-liners..

Folk Songs for Schools and Camps MB94558 $10.95

A deluxe, comprehensive collection of 103 school and camp favorites. Contains patriotic songs, campfire songs, hiking songs, and even fun songs for use on buses. Includes melody line, lyrics, and guitar chords. Seventeen songs are performed on the stereo recordings.

Singing Rails MB96901 $12.95

The story of the railroad is an essential part of American history. There were few aspects of 19th century American life untouched by the railroad. The songs, stories, and even the jokes of the railroad all play part in telling its history. Although no one can say precisely when the first railroad stories and jokes were told, railroad music was published in Baltimore as early as 1828. Singing Rails is itself like a train. Each page is a boxcar or passenger car loaded with the songs, the jokes, and the stories of the people who lived the railroading life. Period photographs, etchings, playbills, and amusing anecdotes are combined with melodies and complete lyrics to create this engaging collection.

Ballads & Songs of the Civil War MB94734 $24.95
A comprehensive and historically significant song collection, this massive volume captures the hopes and tragedy of the Civil War era. Songs are grouped into the following categories: The Union, The Confederacy, Lincoln, Universal Sentiments, Soldiers Songs, Battles, Negro Spirituals & Abolitionist Songs, The Lighter Side, and Post Bellum. A special feature of this text is the inclusion of authentic formal and informal portraits, plus depiciting military encampment of the aftermath of the battle. Arranged for voice with piano accompaniment and guitar chords.
TThe Waltz Books I, II and III WB-1, WB-2, WB-3 $16.00each
Many musicians have praised the wonderful tune selection ("finally -- a music book where I enjoy almost every single tune!"); the clear notation, easy for several musicians to read off the same book, with no page turns; chord symbols, so backup musicians can play off the music; and the heavy-duty metal spiral binding, which won't bend or break in your music bag. Beginning and closet musicians have found the tunes inspiring -- slower and easier than jigs and reels, and very rewarding for the time and effort invested.
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