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Mandolin Primer Book MP $14.95

Step by step instruction showing the beginner how to play bluegrass mandolin. Includes lead playing and rhythm technique, with a complete chord chart. Clearly illustrated showing left & right hand technique, scales, and many popular tunes. Songs on the CD include Worried Man Blues, Wildwood Flower, Cripple Creek, John Hardy, Red Haired Boy, Sally Goodin, Soldier's Joy, 8th Of January, Billy In The Lowground, Blackberry Blossom, Bill Cheatum, Salt Creek, Old Joe Clark, & Boil Them Cabbage Down. Each song is written in both tablature and standard music notation.

Anyone Can Play Mandolin MB94849VX $19.95

This course is designed for beginning mandolin students. It teaches the fundamentals of mandolin, chord strumming, single-note melody picking, and explains tablature. This method does not require any previous musical experience or note-reading ability. You will learn several well-known bluegrass songs in both strumming and picking styles. Includes free instructional booklet.

An Introduction to the Mandolin Video WOTW001 $39.95

This video displays a unique approach to learning mandolin. The focus is on form and proper technique...yet, this video also discusses proper mandolin set-up for ease of playability. Know all the features of your mandolin along with its construction...realize the importance of proper bridge placement so that your mandolin plays in tune all the way up the neck.. Learn more about action and its contribution to ensure ease of playability...and, how to adjust action to fit your playing style.

You Can Play Bluegrass Mandolin HL00641142 $29.95

How to hold and tune the mandolin; basic chords and scales; simple melodies; how to work with open strings and execute double-stops; plus much more. Songs: John Henry * Nine-Pound Hammer * Old Joe Clark * Sally Goodin.

You Can Play Bluegrass Mandolin HL00641143 $29.95
Chord positions up and down the neck; soloing; slides; hammer-ons; open chord positions; open-string harmonies; how to increase playing speed; tremolo technique; double-stops; and more. Songs: Bury Me Beneath The Willow * Soldier's Joy * Whiskey Before Breakfast.
Bluegrass Mandolin HL00641139 $39.95
Sam Bush details the dominant mandolin styles from Bill Monroe to Newgrass! He demonstrates powerful techniques while teaching ten classic tunes: Paddy On The Turnpike * Gray Eagle * Sugarfoot Rag * Sapporo * Bill Cheatham * East Virginia Blues * Wayfaring Stranger * Manzanita * Banks Of The Ohio * Sittin' On Top Of The World.
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