Mandolin Books

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Mandolin Sampler MB20024BCD $19.95

This collection of vibrant traditional and original tunes captures the variety of mandolin styles in America. The styles represented include old time country and bluegrass, ragtime, swing, Irish, Italian, and neoclassical. Some of the techniques explored are cross-picking, droning, voice-leading, double stops, and pull-offs. Of special interest are tunes that make use of the chord solo potential of the mandolin. A discussion of each tune provides lively commentary on the history and players behind the style, an outline of the arranging and composing ideas that are employed, and tips for practicing and honing technique. Tunes are shown in notation and tablature, and a CD is included. This is the perfect anthology for intermediate and advanced players who want to build their skills while expanding their range of styles.

Mandolin Technique Studies MB20671 $12.95

An in-depth study of mandolin technique. Included are chapters on arpeggios, shifting, triplets and chromatics. Each chapter contains numerous practice studies and concludes with a fiddle tune arrangement showcasing the skills discussed in that chapter. A great resource for intermediate to advanced mandolin players of all styles. Ideal for those who want to take their playing to the next level.

Mandolin Master Class MMC $25.00

This book is about concepts. It is not an encyclopedia of hot licks and tunes. It does have plenty of exercises, charts, and tables but the bulk of the book is about ideas. Ideas which you can use to improve your playing ability.In addition to the material on improvising there is a bonus music theory section which is valuable to any musician. The music theory section takes some of the mystery and confusion out of chords, scales, and music terminology and features 6 self-tests (with answers) to be sure you understand the information. But, don't worry. It is not all theory and technical stuff. A lot of what I talk about is about how to think and visualize what you are doing.

Bluegrass Mandolin Solos HL00641495 $69.95

Steve Kaufman's amazing teaching method for mandolinists is now available on CD! His “Parking Lot Pickers” series, which has proved so popular with guitarists through the years, covers levels from beginners to advanced in a four-tiered system: (1.) Beginners will learn to pick the melody to become familiar with the tune in its most basic form. (2.) Intermediate players will develop facility with a series of great licks and runs that can be used in these or other tunes. (3.) More experienced pickers move on to advanced techniques, including full-blown solos for each tune. (4.) Each tune gets a final run-through, complete with hot endings. Mandolinists and fiddlers (the violin is tuned to the same pitches as a mandolin) can master these 20 must-play tunes from the standard bluegrass repertoire: Arkansas Traveler • Big Sandy River • Bill Cheatham • Billy in the Low Ground • Blackberry Blossom • Under the Double Eagle • Flop-Eared Mule • Fisher's Hornpipe • Forked Deer • Gold Rush • Old Joe Clark • Salt Creek • Soldier's Joy • St. Anne's Reel • Nothin' to It • Ragtime Annie • Red-Haired Boy • Sweet Georgia Brown • Turkey in the Straw • Whiskey Before Breakfast.

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