Mandolin Books

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How To Play Mandolin AM35163 $12.95

A basic instruction book designed to have the student playing music from the very start. Covering traditional bluegrass and folk styles, the book contains information on left- and right-hand technique, runs, chords, 14 tunes, vocal accompaniment styles, a discography, and a bibliography.

The Mandolin Picker's Fakebook OK64352 $24.95

Contains over 250 jigs, reels, rags, hornpipes, and breakdowns from all the major traditional instrumental styles. Special introductory materials on regional styles, interpretation, and ornamentation. Includes an extensive discography.

Teach Yourself Bluegrass Mandolin OK64994 $17.95

Teach yourself authentic bluegrass, with clear instructions from a professional. Covers the basics, bowing and left-handed techniques and solo backup. A section also includes personal advice on performance. Plus a complete section of the best bluegrass songs and tunes to learn from. B/w photos.

Bluegrass Mandolin-Sam Bush HL00641211 $59.95

LEVEL 1 INCLUDES TAB Starting with the basics, the student immediately gets into bluegrass improvisation, dance tunes and all of the major mandolin styles from Bill Monroe to Newgrass. 20 songs.

Bluegrass Mandolin-Sam Bush HL00641574 $59.95
Sam Bush teaches all the major styles from Bill Monroe to Newgrass. He starts with the basics, teaches some easy, well-known tunes, then takes you into improvisation and advanced techniques. Each one-hour CD features complete bluegrass instrumentals, including: Old Joe Clark · B'ile Them Cabbage Down · Soldier's Joy · Liberty · Banks of the Ohio · Weavin' Way · Turkey in the Straw · and more. SIX CDs · INCLUDES MUSIC + TAB · LEVEL 2.
David Grisman Teaches Mandolin HL00641426 $59.95
David Grisman helps mandolinists develop their playing in new and exciting directions! In this six-CD series, he covers all aspects and facets of Dawg Music - his own innovative fusion of musical forms that has inspired a whole new genre of acoustic music. Grisman teaches amazing tunes, powerful techniques and important pointers on all aspects of the mandolin, including detailed instruction on soloing, modal chord changes, position shifts, harmonic arpeggios and scales, transposing and much more. Includes detailed breakdowns of twenty of David's most popular instrumentals.
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