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Cantabile Duets for Mandolin and Guitar MB95734 $12.95

This companion book to the CD Cantabile by Butch Baldassari and John Mock fills a void in the all too often hard to find category of music for mandolin and classical guitar, expanding the repertoire for the intimate combination of these two instruments. Pieces range from Renaissance and Baroque to the more Classical music of Handel and Beethoven, to contemporary and Romantic compositions from Satie, Calace and Tarrega. This book should work well for both students and professionals. Standard notation only.

Wayne Benson - Acutab Transcriptions Volume 1 MB99045 $25.00

This volume presents exact, artist-approved bluegrass mandolin transcriptions in tablature and standard notation of 28 solos from Bluegrass '95, '96, and '97, highlighting the blazing mandolin style of one of today's most spectacular performers. All of Wayne's solos are included, plus a fascinating biography of the artist. Benson's comments on each piece throughout the book add a touch of personal insight that makes the music even more interesting. If you really want to get to know the music of a great bluegrass mandolin player, this book is as close as you can get to a one-on-one meeting

Alan Bibey - Acutab Transcriptions Volume 1 MB97808 $20.00

This new AcuTab publication allows you to learn Alan Bibey's fabulous mandolin breaks in a variety of styles and keys. Features 31 solos from 20 songs found on Bibey's recordings with the bluegrass groups The New Quicksilver and IIIrd Tyme Out, as well as two cuts from Young Mando Monsters and several selections from Bibey's 1996 recording with Lou Reid and Carolina. All solos are presented in both standard notation and tablature with left-hand fingerings and helpful performance notes.

Butch Baldassari - Acutab Transcriptions V.1 MB97000 $15.00

This special volume presents mandolin music in standard notation and tablature for 19 songs from Butch's Old Town album on the Rebel label, plus recordings with the groups Weary Hearts (By Heart) and Lonesome Standard Time (Lonesome Standard Time and Mighty Lonesome) on the Sugar Hill label. Having been influenced by various mandolin players, Butch writes: "I've also tried to emulate the vocal qualities of a fiddle and the sustain of the guitar to forge what's become by style of playing. I like to think that I'm always trying to use all that the mandolin has to offer...Put it all together and you have the sounds that can be produced by our mutually beloved instrument, the mandolin."

Mandolin Primer Book MP $14.95
Step by step instruction showing the beginner how to play bluegrass mandolin. Includes lead playing and rhythm technique, with a complete chord chart. Clearly illustrated showing left & right hand technique, scales, and many popular tunes. Songs on the CD include Worried Man Blues, Wildwood Flower, Cripple Creek, John Hardy, Red Haired Boy, Sally Goodin, Soldier's Joy, 8th Of January, Billy In The Lowground, Blackberry Blossom, Bill Cheatum, Salt Creek, Old Joe Clark, & Boil Them Cabbage Down. Each song is written in both tablature and standard music notation.
Bluegrass Mandolin OK62935 $21.95
The first and only instruction book on bluegrass mandolin. Fully illustrated with detailed instructions from the basics to fancy fingerwork, backed up by a collection of bluegrass music by Bobby Osborne, Jesse McReynolds, Frank Wakefield, and John Duffy.
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