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Magic Mandolin 30 Folk Songs and Melodies MB98625BCD $10.95

Folk songs are a record of history which survive wars and revolution. They are derived from different phases of the human condition. Carried by gypsies, storytellers, peddlers, and migrant farmers throughout the continents, they are snapshots of the past, moments in time, frozen in song. The mandolin has found its way into a myriad of cultures. This collection contains folk tunes from Russia, Poland, Macedonia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Peru with lyrics written in the original language with phonetic transliteration as well as English translations. Songs are written in both notation and tablature.

Flatpickin' the Gospels for Mandolin MB078661823X $17.95

A collection of 24 bluegrass/gospel favorites arranged for mandolin with rhythm guitar accompaniment. These intermediate/advanced solos are comprised of melodic embellishments and standard runs that may by utilized with other songs with similar chord structures. All solos written in notation and tablature.

Shady Grove Mandolin Solos MB98101 $15.95

This book presents transcriptions of David Grisman’s solos and accompaniment patterns from the CD Shady Grove. The Shady Grove recording contains some wonderful performances of old-time American music by David Grisman and Jerry Garcia, two of American music’s greatest players. It is a vibrant collection of wonderful traditional American songs, from a great variety of genres, played in a style closely based on their traditional sources. All of the solos can be played on the standard mandolin, including one written for mandola and one for banjolin (mandolin-banjo).

Tone Poems for Mandolin MB95749 $15.95

The mandolin edition of Tone Poems presents notation and tablature for all 17 solos from the remarkable CD of the same name by David Grisman and Tony Rice.

Texas Fiddle Favorites for Mandolin MB98404BCD $17.95
Joe Carr presents his advanced mandolin arrangements of 12 well-known Texas-style tunes. The arrangements are inspired by the popular Texas contest fiddle style. The included CD features of the tunes with the bluegrass band accompaniment.
Monroe Instrumentals MB99962 $14.95
As Bill Monroe is commonly lauded as "the father of bluegrass music," his tunes are standard repertoire and should be studied and memorized by any serious student of bluegrass. This book is a collection of transcriptions in notation and tablature taken from classic instrumentals recorded over a span of 40 years, from the early 1940s to the early 1980s. It functions as a "fake book" for bluegrass students to learn the original melody or to study Monroe's playing style. The melodies were played by mandolin, fiddle, twin fiddles, or triple fiddles, and are grouped accordingly.
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