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Complete Mandolin Method MB93221 $10.95

With the thoroughness of a book by Mel Bay, this method presents mandolin technique and note-reading in a progressive, step-by-step fashion. Given the diverse applications of this versatile instrument, this method was carefully written to build the musicianship and technique needed to play both classical and contemporary mandolin styles. Music theory concepts and additional playing techniques are introduced as needed. Exercises and tunes are presented in all keys, many in duet format to be played by teacher and student. In notation only.

Learn to Play Bluegrass Mandolin MB93720 $7.95

An easy-to-understand beginner's method teaching essentials of bluegrass mandolin performance. Contains chords, scales, and techniques, in addition to 21 tunes in notation and tablature.

Anthology of Mandolin Music MB93952 $24.95

A spiral-bound master collection of mandolin music in notation and tablature. Contains classical, early country, bluegrass, fiddle tunes, blues, gospel, and ragtime music. A great source book for mandolin repertoire.

Deluxe Encyclopedia of Mandolin Chords MB98354 $9.95

This encyclopedia is designed to provide mandolin players with a wide variety of chords in different voicings. This book is intended as both a starting point of learning chord voicings and patterns, as well as a dictionary of common mandolin chords. Each key section includes the first position scale for that key, as well as the chord formula and notes for each chord. If you want to learn to be a bluegrass rhythm player it helps to have a guide or 'map' to take you through the initial learning stage. This book provides a small but powerful set of starter chords used in this style of music. Once these chords are learned, you'll be able to jam with other musicians in no time.

Master Anthology of Mandolin Solos Volume One MB98372BCD $29.95
Mel Bay's Master Anthology of Mandolin Solos Volume One is designed to enhance the repertoire of the intermediate to advanced mandolinist with a generous collection of challenging pieces. Contributors include Alan Bibey, Bud Orr, Simon Mayor, John McGann, Jody Stecher, Joe Carr, Dan Gelo, Matt Flinner, Seth Austern, Ray Valla, Jethro Burns, Rob Haines, Ely Karasik, Terry Pender, Carlo Aonzo, Eugene Hayth, Butch Baldassari, Robert Bancalari, and many others. Standard notation and tablature are offered for most of the pieces (a few are notation only), along with a biographical sketch of the performer. A set of 2 CDs is included, making this an ideal sourcebook for serious students and professionals alike.
Mandolin Tablature Pad MB97184 $4.95
Here's a handy notation and tablature pad for the mandolin student, teacher or composer. It features six systems per page consisting of a standard notation staff with a 4-line tablature staff beneath. In each system, the standard 5-line staff is denoted by the usual treble clef sign; the uppermost tab staff on each page is distinguished by a stylish mandolin headstock graphic plus string numbers, with the same bold numbers highlighting the other five tab staves on each page. While intended expressly for the mandolin, this manuscript paper would serve equally well for the tenor or plectrum banjo or any 4-course fretted instrument whose music is written in the treble clef.
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