About Our Music Lesson Program . . .

We offer private music instruction to anyone desiring to learn how to play a musical instrument. Lessons are purchased at the rate of $20.00 per half hour, by the month and paid in advance.

This guarantees each student the same instructor and weekly time slot for the entire month. By committing to only one month of lessons at a time this gives each student greater flexibility in scheduling. Consistent lesson and practice times are two of the essentials in mastering any musical instrument.

It is our intention to offer music instruction in a private lesson studio on a weekly basis. We provide each student with a fully qualified music instructor, carefully matched to meet the needs of the individual at a competitive price, hopefully one everyone can afford.

Communication is essential in any business relationship. Please let us know how we can better serve you.

Absences . . .

Being unable to attend your music lesson can and does occur to everyone from time to time, i.e. illness, overtime, vacation, etc...

It is the policy of our music department not to give credits or make-ups for missed lessons. Your time slot is reserved exclusively for you whether or not you are here. Monthly scheduling does not permit short notice fill-ins.

In the event that your instructor is unable to give music lessons on the day that your are scheduled, we will make every attempt to notify you in advance thus saving you an unnecessary trip to the music studio. Obviously, there will be no charge for a lesson not given. We will apply the lesson money paid to the next month's lessons.


Emory Knode Proprietor

We offer lessons for the following instruments :

Guitar Mandolin Banjo Fiddle Dobro

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