Doyle Lawson

Gospel Radio Gems SUH3879J $16.98

1. I'm Riding High on Wings of Love
2. 'Til the Last Leaf Shall Fall
3. We Should Walk Together
4. Peace Like a River
5. Just a Veil Between
6. Things Invisible
7. Dreamboat
8. I'm Finding Joy in My Savior's Love
9. Home of the Soul
10. Never Leave Me
11. When the Good Lord Cares
12. I Am So Glad
13. I Hold His Hand
14. Better Farther On

School of Bluegrass CR05472J $16.98

Disc: 1
1. Mississippi Queen
2. Come on Over
3. Just a Little Talk With Jesus
4. Prince of My Peace
5. Little Community Church
6. Train '45
7. On the Sea of Life
8. Carolina in the Pines
9. Jezebel
10. You'll Never Be the Same
11. I'll Take the Blame
12. Sally Goodin'
13. Every Time I Feel the Spirit
14. Leather Britches
15. Come Back to Me in My Dreams
16. My Walking Shoes
17. Til the End
18. Stormy Waters
19. Up on the Blue Ridge
20. I Know the Way to You by Heart
21. Ezekiel Saw the Wheel
22. Northern Lights
23. Polka on the Banjo
24. If You See My Savior
25. Little Black Moustache
Disc: 2
1. Florida Blues
2. Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong
3. Move to the Top of the Mountain
4. North Carolina Breakdown
5. Little Mountain Church House
6. Tenessee Banjo Man
7. Mighty Number
8. Careless Love
9. Lay Your Burdens at His Feet
10. Big Country
11. Your Crazy Heart
12. Write Me Sweetheart
13. Rock of Ages Keep My Soul
14. Heartbreak Insurance
15. Praise His Name
16. Prayer Is a Wonderful Gift from God
17. Far Above the Starry Sky
18. I Feel Happy in My Soul Today
19. Peace in My Savior's Love
20. Amber Tresses
21. Twinkle Little Star
22. Go Rest High
23. Julie Ann Come on Home
24. Dailey's Reel
25. Girl from West Virginia

Gospel Parade SUH3936J $16.98

1. Be Living
2. The Best Is Yet To Come
3. Gloryland Boogie
4. I Heard Zion Moan
5. Movin' Up
6. I Have A Desire
7. Some Of These Days
8. He Is Risen
9. The Heavenly Parade
10. My Heavenly Home
11. He Knows How Much You Can Bear
12. Have You Met My Friend

Once And For Always/The News Is Out SUH2211J $16.98

1. Traveling Down the Blue Road
2. Once and for Always
3. Lover of the Lord
4. Speak Softly (You're Talking to My Heart)
5. Old Timers Waltz Listen Listen Listen
6. Come Back to Me in My Dreams
7. Carolina in the Pines
8. Stone Cold Heart
9. Julie Ann
10. You Only Have to Say You've Changed Your Mind
11. When the Sun of My Life Goes Down
12. Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong
13. This Dream I'm In
14. I've Heard These Words Before
15. Vision of Jesus
16. Up on the Blue Ridge
17. I'll Be True
18. Grass That I'm Playing Is Really Blue
19. Have I Loved You Too Late
20. Let the Best Man Win
21. She's Walking Through My Memory
22. Wonderful, Beautiful Place

Heaven's Joy Awaits SUH3760J $16.98
1. Lord I've Been a Hard Working Pilgrim
2. I Know I'll Feel at Home
3. Climbing Up the Mountain
4. Heaven's Joy Awaits
5. Will Someone Be Waiting
6. Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone
7. Help Me, Lord, to Stand
8. Ezekiel Saw the Wheel
9. Beyond the Sunset for Me
10. Won't It Be a Happy Meeting
11. Let Me Go Home
12. How Long

Hallelujah In My Heart MME71013J $11.98
1. Hallelujah In My Heart
2. Always There
3. The Cross Road
4. I Wasn't There
5. Someday, Somewhere
6. Highway to Heaven
7. Power in His Name
8. The Golden Hills Ahead
9. I Want to Live So I'll Be Ready
10. The Hills of Glory
11. Show Me the Way
12. Just a Few More Days
13. On The Other Side
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