Jazz Guitar Books

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Concepts Arranging For Fingerstyle Guitar TPF0088 $19.95

Beginning with an explanation of how a bass line defines the harmonic scheme, this edition leads the player through dozens of fingerstyle arrangements. Including: Laura * Green Dolphin Street * The Shadow of Your Smile * Stompin' at the Savoy * Just Friends * Don't Blame Me * Nobody Does It Better.

Chord Chemistry EL02778 $14.95

A thorough book for guitarists on the applications and understanding of chords.

New Techniques For Chord Melody Guitar F3277GTX $9.95

Most books written on the subject of chords for the guitar focus on chords to be used as an accompaniment to a melody, the melody being either sung or played by another person. The purpose of this book is to teach the student how to combine the two, that is to play the chords and the melody at the same time. Often referred to as "chord melody style."

Solo Solutions 4 Guitar MB98729BCD $19.95

Solo solutions is a 3-step guideline for the electric guitar player who intends to develop his solo skills. While the 1st step explains different playing techniques and stylistic devices, the 2nd step is dealing with lead guitar related music theory and scales. The 3rd step combines the two first chapters with countless examples and suggestions on developing your own style. This book features an exclusive hands-on approach, which makes it a great learning tool and a must for the modern guitar player.

Essential Jazz Lines in the Style of Grant Green for Guitar MB99964BCD $17.95
Grant Green was one of the most innovative jazz guitarists of the 1960s. His horn-like lines, original tone, and superb sense of time elevated him to being one of Blue-Note Records first call session players as well as a respected bandleader. This book covers many of the techniques Grant used in his playing and provides many melodic lines in the style of Grant Green for minor, dominant seventh, short and long ii-V, major, and minor ii-V chord progressions. Chapters on double-slurs, double-stops, pentatonic and blues scales as well as chapters on the basics of the jazz language will help guitarists understand and play the music of Grant Green. Presented in standard notation, tab and fretboard diagrams, this book comes with a play-along CD that will assist guitarists in mastering this material.
Advanced Guitar Soloing HL00695636 $19.95
Designed from MI core curriculum programs, this follow-up to the bestselling Musicians Institute title Guitar Soloing offers advanced players a great guide to mastering the art of melodic improvisation. The CD includes 22 tracks for demonstration and play-along, and the instruction covers scales, modes, arpeggios, technique, creativity and visualization exercises, exploring rock, blues, jazz and other styles of music, as well as sequences, phrases and licks.
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