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Jazz Guitar Structures Boosting Your Solo Power 0970057601 $24.95

For guitarists, the technical learning curve for improvisation is fairly steep. For this reason, it is important to find multiple uses for the musical structures that you learn to execute. This approach decreases the learning curve considerably. Jazz Guitar Structures shows you how to expand your improvising vocabulary by combining small, easily identifiable melodic ideas (structures) into longer, more complex lines. In standard notation with companion CD.

Jazz Guitar Technique Breaking The Skill Barrier 097005761X $19.95

When improvising, what your mind hears is more often than not determined by what your body can reproduce on your instrument. Much of your conception as an improviser is determined by your technique. If you can’t play certain types of ideas, you are simply not going to conceive of them while you are improvising. Even if you could, it wouldn’t matter, since you couldn’t play them anyway. Serious chops building technical studies for single note lines and chords. Plus, the examples feature a lot of harmonic content. This book is about much more than technique...I believe this would be a great addition to any jazz guitarist's library. In standard notation only.

Vic Juris Inside/Outside MB20849BCD $19.95

Vic played the solos in this collection with the student in mind. Each piece is based on the changes of popular jazz standards and will serve as great etudes for learning advanced jazz soloing techniques. Students will be able to see how to build a solo, use tension and release (“outside” and “inside” playing), build an advanced jazz vocabulary, and develop a motive through a set of changes though careful study of these solos. Each etude has two play-along tracks found on the companion CD. One track is with Vic playing the solos found in the book and the other track is with rhythm section only.

Jazz Improv. Vol. 1: Tonal/Rhythmic Principles AM42102 $22.95
The fundamental musical concepts used by every great jazz musician from Buddy Bolden to Dizzy Gillespie.
Jazz Impr. Vol. 2: Jazz Rhythm And The Improv. Line AM42110 $22.95
A brilliant analysis and schematic history of these two supremely important facets of jazz.
Improvisation for the Contemporary Musician AM945329 $17.95
Using some of America’s best-loved standards as vehicles for improvisation, Arnie Berle guides today’s musician through a step-by-step course in the art of spontaneous creativity. The seemingly magical world of improvisation is explained and broken down into three easy concepts.
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