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Getting Into Jazz Guitar I MB99818BCD $17.95

This book provides the aspiring jazz guitarist a comprehensive knowledge of the compositional and performance techniques of jazz through an understanding of key-center music, improvisation, and visual-tactile relationship with the guitar. Writing in a casual, conversational style, Jackie takes you through examples, etudes, and exercises combining the use of chromaticism, arpeggios, scales, and modes. You will explore effective, new concepts that will suprise and inspire you. The companion play-along CD includes a "live" rhythm section. Written in standard notation and tablature.

Jazz Guitar Workshop MB97517BCD $24.95

Charlie Byrd JAZZ GUITAR WORKSHOP presents a melodic way of learning essential scales and arpeggios (in all 12 keys) which are then applied to pieces. The pieces are arranged in a Jazz style and are suitable for performance as well as for study. Three of the pieces have a lead line, an arpeggio study, a chord scale study, and a four-chorus performance arrangement. The four-chorus arrangements follow a standard performance routine used in clubs and on stage. For variety, during the 3rd chorus the teacher or another instrument can take the lead. To develop ear playing, you can practice the scale and arpeggio studies daily, until you can play them in all keys fluently. Playing "pick style" and "finger style" are both advocated in this book.

Essential Jazz Lines in the Style of Charlie Parker, C Instruments MB99648BCD $14.95

Basic Elements Of Music Theory For Guitar.

A Common Sense Approach to Improvisation for Guitar MB99607 $8.95

The goal of this book is to provide a concept for guitarists that will help them go quickly to the core of the harmonies that must be dealt with in order to improvise over chord changes. Joe Negri shows how you can assimilate harmonies and quickly determine a common denominator that you instantly visualize on the fingerboard. From this 'cell' harmony you will be able to build or create single-note melodic lines. Joe Negri has taken the fundamentals of music theory and made them applicable and relevant to the improvising guitarist. One of this book's secrets is the use of basic triadic shapes as an organizational tool to demystify improvisation. This "keep it simple" approach allows improvisers to hear and unveil melodic lines that are right under their fingers within simple triadic shapes.

Jazz Guitar Standards WMB001 $19.95
This comprehensive anthology offers a lead sheet, chord solo arrangement, comping etude, and single-note solo for each of 22 jazz standards. These arrangements and etudes by some of the best arrangers and educators in the business provide jazz guitar students with material for development in every aspect of jazz musicianship. Tunes include: Satin Doll, Just Friends, Moonlight in Vermont, and more. Written in standard notation and tablature.

Complete Book of Jazz Guitar Lines & Phrases MB95737 $19.95
An important addition to the improvising jazz guitarist's library, this thoughtful blend of text and musical examples focuses on the vocabulary of modern jazz and some of the applications of modern harmony. With examples written in standard notation and tablature, Jacobs offers instruction on bebop style phrases, playing fourths, inside-outside playing, pentatonic, whole-tone and symmetrical scales, slash chords, polychords, hip lines, fingerings and much more. The companion CD is highly recommended as the material that appears in the text is played here with chord accompaniment.
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