Ki Ho' Alu/That's Slack Key Guitar MB95645VX $24.95

This compelling look at Hawaiian slack-key guitar unveils a cultural richness that is uniquely Hawaiian. The story is told not by a narrator but by the artists telling their stories in their own words so that the spirit and feeling of the Hawaiian people emerge. The development of slack-key corresponds with Hawaiian culture while preserving its tradition in form and verse. This film, with its infectious musical aspects that are specifically Hawaiian, couples with its rich visual material and varied sequences, is an important documentary of Hawaiian culture to share with contemporary audiences.

Traditional Hawaiian Guitar HL00641077 $39.95

This fascinating video teaches the real Hawaiian steel guitar sound, including bar technique, scale patterns, tunings, vibrato, harmonic 'chimes' and other essentials. These traditional Hawaiian songs are taught: Mai Kai No Kauai * Maui Chimes * Moana Chimes Uhe * Uhene.

The Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar of Ledward Kaapana HL00641450 $39.95

Ledward Kaapana, widely acknowledged to be one of the most exciting and accomplished players in ki ho'alu, or slack key guitar style, has given us a lesson for novices in the slack key style as well as those who consider themselves advanced players. He teaches instrumentals in taropatch (open G) and wahine (DGDF#BD) tunings, encompassing both quiet, beautiful melodies and rip-roaring show-stoppers with lightning-fast licks and fancy picking. With acoustic steel guitarist Bob Brozman asking him the pertinent musical questions, Led breaks down some amazing instrumentals, including Slack Key Lullabye · Kuu Ipo Onaona · E Lili'u E · and the spectacular Slack Key Medley.

The Art of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar HL00641283 $39.95

Keola Beamer, a master of this distinctive and increasingly popular traditional style, teaches a variety of tunings, beautiful instrumentals and essential techniques. Songs: Kuu Lei Awapuhi Melemele * Kalena Kai * A Grandmother's Wish * Manu Kai * Sanoe * Makika * He Punahele. Slack key can be played on any acoustic or electric guitar - all players will add new sounds and flavors to their repertoire.



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