Basic Harp for Beginners MB95109 $10.95

A basic, easy-to-understand, step-by-step method about playing the harp. Extensively illustrated, this book is for musicians of all levels, requiring only an interest in learning to play the harp. The material in the book can be applied to any type of harp (with or without pedals) and any type of music. Specific topics covered include basic positioning, tuning, and techniques, etudes, and a colorful selection of folk harp solos. Each section of the book is arranged to show the most efficient way to learn quickly and as easily.

Solo Harp MB96843 $9.95

A collection of Jewish melodies from around the Mediterranean and Celtic music from the British Isles woven together to celebrate the unique role the harp has played in the folklore and music of both traditions. Sunita's work has been recognized by the Jewish Community Foundation and the Scottish Clarsach (harp) Society.

Irish Harp Music MB97853 $12.95

With the exception of two pieces, the arrangements in this book of traditional tunes are adapted from the collections of Francis O'Neill, Edward Bunting, Donal O'Sullivan, Manus O'Baoill, and Sean Og O'Baoill. Performance notes are included. Standard notation.

Teach Yourself To Play The Folk Harp HL00722251 $14.95

This is the first book written exclusively for the folk harp that teaches the student how to play the instrument, step by step. Each of the 12 lessons includes instructions, exercises and folk and classical pieces using the new skills and techniques taught in the lesson. This is an excellent book for any student, regardless of previous musical training.




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