Anyone Can Play Harmonica MB94229VX $19.95

Phil has been a professional educator and performer for over 20 years. His method is designed for anyone who would like to play the harmonica. Different techniques and styles are taught including folk, gospel, country and blues. To play along with this video method, you will need a ten-hole diatonic harmonica pitched in the key of C. Includes free instructional booklet.

Deluxe Harmonica Method MB93737VX $9.95

This book is complete guide to playing the 10-hole diatonic harmonica. Its purpose is to help the beginning student to avoid the trial and error method of playing the harmonica through step by step technical instruction and an extensive, graded repertoire. Rather than overwhelming the student with the "all at once" approach, fundamentals of note reading are gradually introduced throughout the book's 100-plus pages. This method progresses from very simple melodies and exercises to concepts as complex as inserting harmonica chords within a melody. Guitar chords are provided for most of the well-known tunes.

Introduction to Harmonica Video HP $39.95

Utilizing all of the latest in video technology, it starts the beginner off with proper technique (hand positions, mouth positions, blowing & drawing). You'll quickly learn scales and chords and the 15 song examples illustrate techniques like double stops, vibrato, trills, cross harp, and bends. It also has a section on playing along with other instruments. All of the notation is on screen with a pointer showing each note as it's being played. This is the perfect tool for the beginner.





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