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Blues Harp Licks Chart with CD MB20719BCD $9.95

For novices, intermediate and advanced harmonica players. Learn Gospel songs. Createunbelievable sounds as you develop your own style. Harmonize with other instruments or soloists, and play such songs as Amazing Grace and others in four-part harmony. Comes with a Book, CD, Hohner Bluesband Harmonica, and Video.

How to Play Harmonica... instantly! Video package 4200CD $25.95

Here's the volume that starts you on the road to mastering the harmonica. In this perfect video trainer for the beginner, Marcos shares many those special secrets that have made hime famous, like bending notes and getting Blues sounds from the "straight harp." Marcos' easy, straight forward style makes it simple and fun.Comes with a Book, CD, Hohner Bluesband Harmonica, and Video.

Bending the Blues DH10054 $6.95

Master the most important harmonica technique with this handy guide containing beginner’s instructions + hot bending licks and blues scales for average and advanced players.

Rock Harp OK63768 $15.95

The first complete guide to playing rock harp. From basics of cross position and bending notes to playing in the styles of the greats. Complete with exercises and song examples from legends such as Dylan, the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springstein, Taj Mahal and more. Also contains a discography.

How To Play The Pocket Harmonica HL00841286 $12.95
Learn beginning to advanced techniques. A complete method for learning folk, country, blues, and rock styles.
Harmonica For The Musically Hopeless BK000790 $14.95




It doesn't matter if you can't tell a treble clef from a salad fork. Veteran author and instructor Jon Gindick has put together a musical first-aid kit for the nation's piano lesson drop-outs. A book, a harmonica and a cassette, designed to bring out the music in anyone
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