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Complete Classic Chicago Blues Harp MB95452 $17.95

This book is meant to take an instrument and musical style and teach it to the people who made it so popular, the blues listening public. A comprehensive lesson and study book for the intermediate and advanced diatonic harmonica player, Classic Chicago Blues Harp present techniques, progressive examples and accompanying twelve bar blues exercises and examples. Special attention is given to the accurate reading of blues rhythms and each notated tune is carefully marked with tablature indicating precisely where to find individual notes. Each chapter concludes with a chapter review of what was taught in that section. This book is suited to the intermediate player rather than the beginner, and will appeal strongly to those with a genuine desire to learn the Chicago blues harmonica style.

You Can Teach Yourself Harmonica MB94303 $10.95

A wonderful, easy-to-understand beginning harmonica book for learning both folk and blues harmonica stylings. Several different styles are analyzed and representative tunes are given in each style. Within the various sections the songs are roughly graded as to difficulty. An extra section examines some specialized techniques and introduces some harmonicas other than the standard ten-hole-twenty-reed diatonic harp, in the key of C for which most of the songs in this book are written. All together, 41 harmonica arrangements are included.

Charlie Musselwhite Power Blues Harp MB94359BCD $19.95

This book is designed for those who play diatonic or chromatic harmonica or both. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate player, each chapter presents a new and distinct learning experience. The chapters may be approached in sequence or in a haphazard fashion, without even completing a given chapter - as long as a particular sequences of exercises is completed within that chapter. All tunes and exercises are shown in both standard notation and harmonica tablature. The enclosed CD contains 84 tracks with audio samples of all the music in the book.

The Diatonic Harmonica Workbook HL00000289 $19.95

Bobby Joe Holman has written this book for the person who can already play the diatonic harmonica, but wishes to master the techniques, positions and scales required to play with a greater degree of proficiency. The lessons in the book are presented very clearly, and every lesson is then repeated on the accompanying CD as a lesson/rhythm track both with and without harmonica parts so you can listen to how the part should sound, then play along.

Complete Harmonica Method - Chromatic Harmonica HL00841286 $12.95
The only harmonica method to present the chromatic harmonica in 14 scales and modes in all 12 keys! This book/CD pack will take beginners from the basics on through to the most advanced techniques available for the contemporary harmonica player. Each section contains appropriate songs and exercises (which are demonstrated on the CD) that enable the player to quickly learn the various concepts presented. Every aspect of this versatile musical instrument is explored and explained in easy-to-understand detail with illustrations. Covers: design and construction; correct breathing and hand positions; how to improvise; styles including traditional, blues, pop and rock; and more. Includes 14 songs to illustrate each scale, and a reference chart for all chromatic harmonicas.
Harmonica Primer HP $14.95

It utilizes many photos and illustrations to fully explain all the techniques and exercises. All the music is written with harmonica tablature as well as music notation with lyrics. This course includes an audio CD where all the songs are played at 2 speeds (slow for practicing and performance tempo). The book contains markers for each piece of music so you can locate it's exact position on the CD or video. Songs include Wildwood Flower, House of the Rising Sun, Streets of Laredo, Red River Valley, Marines Hymn, Blues Shuffle, Silent Night, O Christmas Tree, Jingle Bells, Will The Circle Be Unbroken, Harp Boogie, Tom Dooley, Amazing Grace, Basic Blues, Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms, and Reuben's Train..
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