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Harmonica Books

Mel Bay's Deluxe Harmonica Method

By Phil Duncan.  A complete guide to the 10-hole diatonic harmonica.   Its purpose is to help the beginning student play the harmonica.

Mel Bay's Hymns For Harmonica

by Phil Duncan.  Ninety-eight favorite hymns, gospel songs, and spirituals arranged in several different keys for diatonic, cross harp, or chromatic harmonica solo.   In notation and 3 variations of harmonica tab.  The book will provide many hours of playing pleasure to the beginner as well as the advanced performer.

Mel Bay's Jazz Harp
#MB94058BCD   Book/CD Pkg.   $17.95

By Phil Duncan.  A good text teaching both the technical skills and the harmonic knowledge needed to play jazz on the chromatic and diatonic harmonica.  Teaches the skills required for fluid, effortless improvisation.  The CD is in split-track format and includes both simple and complex versions of the tunes in the book.

Mel Bay's Children's Harmonica Method

By William Bay.  Absolutely the easiest step-by-step method available.  Ideal for young children in private or group classes.  This text presents basic concepts and very carefully advances the child into harmonica performance.

Mel Bay's You Can Teach Yourself Harmonica
#MB94303   Book Only   $9.95
#MB94303C   Cassette Only   $9.98
#MB94303P   Book/Cass Pkg.   $18.95

By George Heaps-Nelson & Barbara Koehler.  A beginning harmonica book for learning both folk and blues.  Contains 41 harmonica arrangements.

Mel Bay's Blues Harp
#MB93814BCD   Book/CD Pkg.   $17.98

By Phil Duncan.  Written for diatonic and chromatic harmonica, this is one of the hottest-selling blues harp books available.  One of the best books on this popular harmonica style.  This book concentrates on the C harmonica, but illustrates number and arrows that can be used with any key harmonica.  This book discusses the 12 bar blues, a touch of jazz, country fills (licks), and and country tunes in blues style.

Mel Bay's Bluegrass & Country Music For Harmonica
#MB93990BCD   Book/CD Pkg.  $17.95

By Phil Duncan.  This book presents 48 bluegrass and country favorites arranged for C diatonic, C chromatic, and F cross-harp harmonicas.  Shown in standard notation with lyrics, guitar chords, and harmonica tab.  The CD allows you to be the soloist on 16 tunes.

Mel Bay's Charlie Musselwhite/Power Blues Harp
#MB94359BCD   Book/CD Pkg.   $19.95

By Charlie Musselwhite & Phil Duncan.  Phil Duncan & Charlie Musselwhite have teamed up to write this text dealing with contemporary rock harp.  The most up-to-date text available on this popular subject.  The companion CD contains play-along songs in split-track format.

Mel Bay's You Can Teach Yourself Blues Harp
#MB94698   Book Only   $9.95
#MB94698C   Cassette Only   $9.98
#MB94698P   Book/Cass Pkg.   $18.95

By Phil Duncan.  An innovative new book that enables the student to play rhythm chords instantly and create exciting sounds on the harmonica.  In addition, the student will develop the ability to hear blues progressions and stylings.

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Mel Bay's Christmas  Songs For Harmonica
#MB95156BCD   Book/CD Pkg.   $15.95

By Phil Duncan.  A collection of Christmas and Hanukkah songs arranged
for chromatic, diatonic and cross harp.  The CD contains most songs in
the book.  Excellent for listening

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