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The Hammered Dulcimer Treasury of Tunes MB99528 $25.00

This sizeable collection of hammered dulcimer tunes brings together over 225 old-time and Celtic traditional tunes that are commonly heard at gatherings of old-time musicians. This is music that has been passed down vocally, or learned by ear instrumentally, and derived from countries where many of our ancestors originated. Trying to separate American and Celtic traditional music is an impossible task, as so many of the tunes we consider our own are adapted versions of tunes passed on to us from other countries and would fit into either category. This book therefore features favorite selections from both American and Celtic traditions.

Hammered Dulcimer's Companion MB94019 $10.95

This book is a treasure-trove of information and music for all players of the hammered dulcimer. Phillip Mason has written the definitive text on the history, tuning, playing technique, harmonic dimensions, construction, and repair of the "sweet-voiced" instrument. In an extensive essay, he also shares his thoughts on the fundamentals of singing with the hammered dulcimer. Concepts revealed here would be useful to anyone who aspires to sing, or improve ones singing technique. Music and lyrics for 34 songs are included in the "Music Section" followed by construction tips and plans for building your own hammered dulcimer.

Walking Stones MB97348 $8.95

Most of the tunes in this book are written as simple melodic lines with suggested chords rather than as more complete arrangements with harmony lines and variations. By contrast, on the companion "Walking Stones" CD, considerable freedom is taken with both the melody and its harmonization, encouraging the listener to explore the tunes to create their own arrangements and variations in the celtic tradition. As with most traditional music, it is difficult to gather the true sense and feeling of these tunes without hearing them; it is recommended that the delightful stand-alone companion CD be used to ensure accuracy of interpretation and ease in learning.

The Hammered Dulcimer MB93618 $8.95

A handy, concise instructional text on hammered dulcimer. This book contains information on tuning, playing techniques, solos and even a reference section on music theory!

A Traveler's Dream MB98262 $17.95
The hammered dulcimer followed the migrations of ancient civilizations across Asia Minor and onto the European continent, from the Black Sea to the North Atlantic shores. In Maggie Sansone's hands, the visions of the Celts come alive in a modern world. This wonderful collection of traditional and original music arranged for the hammered dulcimer contains Irish reels, airs, and jigs; Scottish slip jigs, dances, and reels; hammered dulcimer solos; Northumbrian pipe tunes; and more. All of the music can be played easily on the 12/11 dulcimer. Performance notes are provided for each of the tunes. Two of the tunes have parts for other instruments in addition to the hammered dulcimer.
Hammered Dulcimer OK63552 $21.95
For any hammered dulcimer player, this comprehensive instruction book contains 25 songs, forming a complete repertoire. It features an easy-to-read tablature system, and special sections on tuning, basic skills, embellishments, chord theory, and more.
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