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Great Guitar Lessons Bluegrass Flatpicking HL00641282 $24.95

Taught by Russ Barenberg, Norman Blake, Dan Crary, Nick Forster, Steve Kaufman, Tony Rice, Happy Traum. These lessons for both novices and advanced pickers in flatpick style will help guitarists play the notes and make music out of them as well. Seven celebrated bluegrass guitarists tackle everything from back-up in the Texas swing style to hot bluegrass solos.

Hal Leonard Beginning Guitar Video HL00320159 $14.95

The world-famous Hal Leonard Guitar Method has taught millions of people to play. Now learning will be even easier, thanks to this great new method video! Designed for anyone just learning to play electric or acoustic guitar, it covers: tuning up and parts of the guitar, reading both standard notation and tablature, playing chords, strumming and picking, improvising basic rock solos and lots more, with helpful on-screen music, guitar diagrams, and hand-position close-ups. Viewers will learn to play the songs: Let It Be · Wild Thing · and Twist and Shout, as well as the famous intro riffs to: Smoke on the Water · Day Tripper · and Sunshine of Your Love. Corresponds with books and supplements in the Hal Leonard Guitar Method. 55 minutes.

Country Swing Back-Up Guitar HL00641048 $29.95

Create back-up guitar parts to fiddle and country tunes in real Western Swing style! Nick Forster dissects moving bass lines and jazz-based chords and shows how to move out of open chords and into the complex chord shapes and progressions typical of Texas-style back-up. Songs: Sally Goodin * Deep Water * Brain Cloudy Blues * Gray Eagle.

Techniques for Soloing and Improvisation Flatpick Style HL00641052 $39.95

This top Nashville guitarist carefully breaks down his method for improvising across the entire guitar fingerboard. Teaching how to create fascinating guitar solos through finding 'chord centers' in every position, Pat includes new ideas for adding harmonies within chords, improvising blues and minor-key songs, and innumerable tips on playing technique.

Les Paul - Star Licks Master HL00324234 $19.95
This Les Paul video package presents a rare and historical view of the living legend that revolutionized the recording industry. Les not only invented the electric guitar; he also perfected the technique of multi-track recording and developed the first filtration devices for reverb, delay and phasing. This interview interspersed with performance clips takes you up close with Les Paul for a fun, humorous, and incredibly educational view into the awesome world of music as seen by one of the truly great guitarists, musicians and innovators of all time.
Introduction To Acoustic Guitar Video AV $39.95
In his long and illustrious career, Norman Blake has toured and/or recorded with June Carter, Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, John Hartford, Joan Baez, Tony Rice, Bob Dylan and numerous others. His impeccable taste and sure touch have inspired countless folk, bluegrass and country players. On this fascinating video, Norman demonstrates musical ideas, playing techniques and ten traditional and original songs and instrumentals taken from his vast repertoire: Coming Down from Rising Fawn · Caperton Ferry · Uncle Joe (Mrs. McLeod's Reel) · Old Virginia Reel · Coleman's March · New Century Hornpipe · Jimmy in the Swamp · Church Street Blues · Give Me Back My Fifteen Cents · and Hobo's Last Ride.
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