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Doc's Guitar Fingerpicking and Flatpicking HL00641013 $39.95

Taught by Doc Watson with special guests Pete Seeger, Mike Seeger, Jack Lawrence and Kirk Sutphi. America's favorite country guitarist teaches more than a dozen of his most requested fingerpicking and flatpicking tunes. Split-screen images and close-ups allow students to take an intimate look at Doc's technique, while simultaneously watching his picking and fretting hands.

David Grier Bluegrass Guitar HL00641343 $39.95

Three-time winner fo the International Bluegrass Association's Guitar Player Of The Year, David Grier is a rising star in the world of the acoustic guitar. Here he analyzes his breathtaking technique and takes apart some of his signature tunes for intermediate players: Red Haired Boy, Liberty, Bill Cheatham, Engagement Waltz, and others.

SuperCharged Bluegrass Series: Flatpicking MB95355VX $29.95

David Grier is the premier flatpicking guitar stylist of his generation. His many recordings and personal appearances with today's leading bluegrass artists are legendary. Here, for the first time, David reveals the secrets of his unique style and teaches eleven of his most requested original compositions. Tablature book included.

60 Hot Licks for Bluegrass Guitar MB95090VX $29.95

Great bluegrass guitarist Joe Carr teaches 60 of his all-time favorite flatpicking licks. Helps bridge the gap towards becoming a competent bluegrass lead player.

Norman Blake's Guitar Techniques 1 HL00641050 $39.95
Legendary guitarist Norman Blake teaches flatpicking fundamentals and a variety of bluegrass and old-time country guitar techniques. He explores arrangements for several favorite songs and instrumentals from his repertoire, discussing back-up technique, use of the capo, special tuning and lots more.
Norman Blake's Guitar Techniques 2 HL00641492 $39.95
In his long and illustrious career, Norman Blake has toured and/or recorded with June Carter, Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, John Hartford, Joan Baez, Tony Rice, Bob Dylan and numerous others. His impeccable taste and sure touch have inspired countless folk, bluegrass and country players. On this fascinating video, Norman demonstrates musical ideas, playing techniques and ten traditional and original songs and instrumentals taken from his vast repertoire: Coming Down from Rising Fawn · Caperton Ferry · Uncle Joe (Mrs. McLeod's Reel) · Old Virginia Reel · Coleman's March · New Century Hornpipe · Jimmy in the Swamp · Church Street Blues · Give Me Back My Fifteen Cents · and Hobo's Last Ride.
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