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Basic Bluegrass Rhythm Guitar HL00641045 $39.95

Steve Kaufman is one of America's top bluegrass guitarists! His video covers the basics of back-up guitar, from the simplest two-chord song to Texas-style fiddle tunes. Players will master bass walks, the Lester Flatt 'G run,' altered chords, complex progressions and more. Steve provides valuable insider's tips and gives the techniques and practice sessions needed to play solid back-up in any picking situation. Songs: Wabash Cannonball * Blackberry Blossom * Sally Goodin.

Learning to Flatpick 1 HL00641320 $29.95

This first video in Steve Kaufman's set of three tapes introduces players to the exciting flatpick style. When combined with the other two videos in this series, this course of study gives players all the tools they need to play and improvise hot bluegrass solos. This tape covers all the basics and gets learning players started the right way!

Learning to Flatpick 2 HL00641042 $39.95

Steve Kaufman covers use of the capo, how to play up and down the neck, chord back-ups, bass runs, damping, slides, substitution chords and crosspicking. Build a flatpicking solo to tunes like: Old Joe Clark * Bury Me Beneath The Willow * The Wildwood Flower * Wabash Cannonball * Arkansas Traveller * Salty Dog * Down Yonder.

Learning to Flatpick 3 HL00641043 $39.95

Moves learning players beyond the basics into the finer points of flatpick guitar style. Covers rhythmic crosspicking techniques, speed-building, left- and right-hand positions, and a dynamic variety of slides, arpeggios, bends, accents, intros and endings for six classic tunes: Liberty * Salt Creek * Blackberry Blossom * Clarinet Polka * Home Sweet Home * Ragtime Annie.

Picking Up Speed HL00641490 $29.95
Every bluegrass flatpicker wants to play faster while maintaining good tone and timing. Steve Kaufman has powerful advice and well-thought out exercises to help get a player's right and left hand mechanics working correctly. Using well-known fiddle tunes as drills, Steve works on coordination and how to practice for best results. Also included are a cross-picked version of Wildwood Flower and show-stopping chord runs and picking combinations on the classic Little Rock Getaway.
Flatpicking with Doc HL00641346 $39.95
This unique lesson with the incomparable Doc Watson provides detailed instruction for thirteen of his most popular songs and instrumentals: Ragtime Annie, Salt Creek, Little Sadie, More Pretty Girls Than one, Sweet Georgia Brown, Goodnight Waltz, New River Train, and more. Steve Kaufman provides back-up and 'twin' guitar parts, and Doc is joined by his grandson, Richard Watson, for three duets: Walk On Boy, Chicago Blues, and Summertime.
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