Flatpick Guitar Instruction DVD

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Flatpicking with Doc HL00641621 $39.95

Doc and fellow flatpicker Steve Kaufman trade licks and play duets, and Doc slows down some of his most requested songs and instrumentals so that learning players can follow along. Doc's breathtaking versions of classic ballads and bluegrass songs, fiddle tunes and country songs include lead and back-up, as well as the “twin” harmony parts that make these pieces show-stoppers. Songs: Little Sadie • More Pretty Girls Than One • New River Train • White House Blues • Open Up Them Pearly Gates • Salt Creek • Ragtime Annie • Goodnight Waltz • Walk On • Boy • and more.

Roger McGuinn's Basic Folk Guitar HL00641572 $29.95

Roger McGuinn brings his love of folk guitar to novice and intermediate players, providing a solid repertoire of a dozen classic songs and the basic techniques needed to play them. The songs he teaches are part of the backbone of the American folk music tradition. They include sea chanteys, ballads, blues, spirituals and cowboy songs, plus McGuinn originals such as “Gate of Horn” and the Byrds' hit, “Chestnut Mare,” which Roger demonstrates on his Martin 12-string for a more authentic Byrds sound.

Flatpicking Banjo Tunes HL00641784 $29.95

Master instructor and flatpicking great Steve Kaufman breaks down fifteen of the most-played banjo-driven songs, showing step-by-step how to build a powerful flatpick solo.

Learn To Play Waltzes HL00641860 $29.95

For easy intermediate to advanced level players. Steve Kaufman teaches his arrangements to some of the most beautiful instrumentals in the guitar repertory, showing how to play them flatpick style: When I Grow Too Old to Dream • Star of the County Down • Ookpik Waltz • Memory Waltz • Skaters Waltz.

Picking Up Speed HL00641678 $29.95
Every bluegrass flatpicker wants to play faster while maintaining good tone and timing. Steve Kaufman's powerful advice and well-thought out exercises help get a player's mechanics working correctly. Using well-known fiddle tunes as drills, Steve works on coordination and how to practice for best results.
Techniques for soloing and Improvising HL00641862 $29.95

This top Nashville guitarist breaks down his method for improvising across the entire guitar fingerboard, teaching how to create guitar solos through finding “chord centers” in every position. Pat includes new ideas for adding harmonies within chords, improvising blues and minor-key songs, and innumerable tips on playing technique.

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