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Flat-Pick Country Guitar OK62604 $19.95

Bluegrass licks, breakdowns, Nashville styles, Doc Watson, the Carter family and other country stars all in a volume that covers the whole range of flatpicking styles for beginners and others.

The Songs of Doc Watson OK62489 $21.95

A superlative collection, reflecting the same wide variety of songs that you’d hear at any Doc Watson concert. In addition to words, melody, and chord names, more than half the book is filled with guitar transcriptions and standard notation.

Hot Licks For Bluegrass Guitar OK64386 $22.95

Over 350 authentic bluegrass licks and how to apply them to create your own solos while expanding your knowledge of the fingerboard.

Guitar Picker's Fakebook OK64279 $24.95

Contains nearly 250 jigs, reels, rags, and hornpipes from all the major guitar traditions. Special introductory materials on regional styles, picking, and ornamentation. Includes an extensive discography.

Flatpicking Guitar Songs Book FP $14.95
The clearest, most complete book on the market showing the secrets of playing bluegrass lead guitar and is the followup course to the Acoustic Guitar Primer Book. Includes exciting, accurate arrangements to popular songs and is written in both tablature and standard music notation. There are several breaks for each song, and each break is played both slow and fast on the CD. Songs include Will The Circle Be Unbroken, Wildwood Flower, Home Sweet Home, Cripple Creek, Red Haired Boy, Nine Pound Hammer, Sally Goodin, Old Joe Clark, Black Mountain Rag, Salt River, Billy In The Lowground, & John Hardy

Fretboard Roadmaps - Country Guitar HL00695353 $12.95

This book/CD pack will teach you how to play hot country lead and rhythm anywhere on the fretboard, in any key! You'll play basic country progressions, boogie licks, steel licks and other melodies and licks. You'll also learn a variety of lead guitar styles using moveable scale patterns, sliding scale patterns, chord-based licks, double-note licks and more. The book features easy-to-follow diagrams and instructions for beginning, intermediate and advanced players, and the accompanying CD includes 37 demonstration tracks.

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