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Slow Jam For Old-Time Music HL00641505 $19.95

This user-friendly CD features fourteen great jam session tunes for learning musicians. Each one is slowed down for beginners, and performed up-to-speed for those ready to play along at a faster pace. This play-along CD will be a big help for players of any old-time instrument - fiddle, banjo, mandolin, bass or guitar. Tunes: The Buffalo Girls · Sugar in the Gourd · Billy Wilson · Hangman's Reel · My Own House Waltz · Ducks on the Mill Pond · Polly Put the Kettle On · Black Eyed Susie · Mississippi Sawyers · Duck River · Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss · Billy in the Lowland · Seneca Square Dance · Waynesboro. 60-MIN. CD · INCLUDES BOOKLET · LEVEL ALL

Fingerpicking, Flatpicking And Slide HL00641467 $29.95

During the fifteen years that Merle Watson toured and recorded with his father, Doc Watson, the duo was one of the most popular and beloved musical teams in folk music history. On these two CDs, Merle teaches the traditional fingerpicking, flatpicking and slide guitar styles for which he was famous. Doc joins Merle in a dynamic demonstration of twin guitars as they take apart some of their most requested duets and explain, in detail, how each part is played. CD One - Country Guitar Fingerpicking Solos & Duets: Southbound · Candyman · Will the Circle Be Unbroken · Goin' Down the Road · Make Me a Pallet on the Floor · Nine-Pound Hammer · The Last Thing on My Mind · Worried Blues · Bonaparte's Retreat · Windy and Warm · Blue Railroad Train · Solid Gone · Deep River Blues. CD Two - Slide Guitar and Flatpicking Solos & Duets: Poor Boy Blues · Day Break Blues · Curly Headed Baby · Can't Be Satisfied · Wabash Cannonball · Minglewood Blues · Miss the Mississippi and You · Columbus Stockade · Honky Tonkin' · Will the Circle Be Unbroken · Old Joe Clark · Salt Creek · Florida Blues · Cotton-Eyed Joe · Red-Haired Boy.

Mastering Bluegrass Guitar HL00641526 $59.95

In these six CD lessons, one of America's finest flatpickers unravels the secrets of great picking technique. He includes Clarence White rhythm variations, Texas swing progressions, bluegrass breakdowns, fancy fiddle tunes, intricate solos and other advanced guitar techniques. Two dozen great tunes are taught. SIX CDs.

Flatpicking Fiddle Tunes Taught By Dan Crary HL00641185 $69.95

LEVEL 3/4 INCLUDES TAB More than 20 great fiddle tunes, plus lightning-fast licks, pick technique, learning from records and other invaluable playing tips. Songs include such classics as Black Mountain Rag · Blackberry Blossom · Sally Goodin · Huckleberry Hornpipe · Dill Pickle Rag · Arkansas Traveller · Forked Deer · and others.

Fretboard Roadmaps For Bluegrass and Folk Guitar HL00695355 $12.95
Learn the essential patterns that all great guitarists know and use! This book/CD pack will have you playing lead and rhythm anywhere on the fretboard, in any key. You'll learn chord-based licks, moveable major and blues scales, major pentatonic sliding scales, first-position major scales, and moveable-position major scales. The book includes easy-to-follow diagrams and instructions for beginning, intermediate and advanced players. The CD includes 41 demonstration tracks to help you perfect your new skills.

Fretboard Roadmaps - Country Guitar HL00695353 $12.95

This book/CD pack will teach you how to play hot country lead and rhythm anywhere on the fretboard, in any key! You'll play basic country progressions, boogie licks, steel licks and other melodies and licks. You'll also learn a variety of lead guitar styles using moveable scale patterns, sliding scale patterns, chord-based licks, double-note licks and more. The book features easy-to-follow diagrams and instructions for beginning, intermediate and advanced players, and the accompanying CD includes 37 demonstration tracks.

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