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Tone Poems for Guitar MB95696 $14.95

In 1994, Acoustic Disc issued a landmark CD by David Grisman and Tony Rice. The central idea behind the album called for the artists to play a different vintage mandolin or guitar on each cut. On this remarkable recording, David and Tony perform 17 original compositions on a wide range of vintage instruments. Mel Bay Publications, Inc., is proud to present both a mandolin and a guitar edition of Tone Poems, both transcribed by noted guitarist/arranger John Carlini. All 17 solos in each book are written in notation and tablature.

The Tony Rice Unit: Acoustics MB97159CDP $14.95

Mel Bay Publications, Inc. in conjunction with Rounder Records presents this book of instrumental jazz tunes transcribed from the recording of the same name. These tunes demonstrate Tony's astounding ability to merge unconventional chord and rhythm patterns into logical, melodic phrases. Selections include: Gasology; Blues for Paradise; Old Gray Coat; So Much; Swing 51; New Waltz; Fast Floyd; and Wes Montgomery's Four on Six. Written in standard notation and tablature. All songs from book are on CD.

Guitar Crosspicking Technique MB97177 $19.95

Crosspicking technique on guitar is similar to bluegrass banjo, filling in all of the spaces between melody notes with a steady stream of harmony notes. With applied crosspicking technique, the guitar becomes a forceful solo instrument capable of filling a room with colorfully supported melodies. Not only does the guitar support itself, but crosspicking technique also works effectively for supporting other lead instruments and vocals in many styles of music including classical, rock, country, bluegrass, jazz, and new age. The methodology section of this book offers the intermediate to advanced guitarist many new ideas which can be added to their arsenal. The book also includes a full songbook section with an even wider repertoire to pursue. All of the lessons and songs are written in tablature only, so you don't have to read music, just count!

Kenny Smith - AcuTab Transcriptions, Vol. 1 MB99179 $25.00

As a rising newcomer in the world of professional bluegrass guitar, Kenny Smith brings a breath of fresh air to this art form. His music has already had an impact on bluegrass fans and aspiring guitarists. Smith's combination of solid rhythm playing and creative, entertaining guitar solos have won him the Guitar Player of the Year award from both the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music in America and the International Bluegrass Music Association. This AcuTab edition contains accurate transcriptions from two Lonesome River Band recordings plus his own Studebaker recording.

25 Great Back-Up Licks for Flatpicking Guitar MB96899 $8.95
Classical guitarists universally recognize the term "rest stroke" to signify a specific technique in which the right-hand fingers pluck a string, coming to rest on the adjoining lower string. In this book and video renowned teacher and performer Joe Carr demonstrates the many benefits of applying the rest stroke to an acoustic guitar via flatpick. All 25 of the licks featured in this book and video feature the "flatpick rest stroke" which employs consecutive down strokes rather than alternating down-up picking, with the pick coming to rest on the adjoining upper string. This technique is used to articulate bass runs, particularly in rhythm playing. The end result is improved projection and a unique cadence that can't be achieved with down-up picking. The licks in this book are arranged progressively through various keys, meters, and progressions. Once mastered they will add power and variety to your rhythm and solo playing.
Championship Flatpicking Guitar MB94533BCD $19.95

The author, three-time national flatpicking guitar champion, has compiled this rousing collection of dazzling flatpicking guitar solos. A companion CD featuring Steve's foot-tapping rendition of each arrangement is included. The book is in notation and tablature. All the songs in the book are performed on the CD.
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