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Fingerstyle Bluegrass Guitar HL00641022 $39.95

Eddie Adcock transforms basic country tunes into musical adventures! He teaches traditional and contemporary guitar instrumentals using right-hand rolls, Travis-style picking, complex slides, pull-offs and hammer-ons, and lightning-fast runs.

The Songs and Guitar of Ramblin' Jack Elliott HL00641516 $29.95

In this exciting video, Jack Elliott and Arlo Guthrie take you on a journey through folk music history, playing the blues, ballads and cowboy songs that define Jack's unique guitar style and repertoire. Jack's guitar technique is clearly demonstrated as he plays through some of his best-known songs, giving you an up-close view of his distinctive fingerpicking and flatpicking arrangements. Songs include: Railroad Bill · Freight Train · Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out · Candy Man · Take Me Back and Try Me One More Time · Cup of Coffee · The Cuckoo · Hard Travelin' · San Francisco Bay Blues · Poor Howard · Blind Lemon · Black Snake Moan · If I Were a Carpenter · Talking Sailor.

The Real Merle Travis Guitar HL00641014 $39.95

A must-have for all serious acoustic guitar students! Thom Bresh, the only son of the legendary guitarist Merle Travis, provides an in-depth look at the fascinating style that changed the course of guitar history. In this step-by-step guide, he teaches several of Merle's most-loved guitar instrumentals, including: Guitar Rag * Cannonball Rag * and others. Thom shows how to get the real Travis sound - the right way, straight from the source!

The Guitar of Pierre Bensusan Volume 1 MB95671VX $39.95

Pierre Bensusan's diverse influences yield profoundly original sound and style that defy classification. In this first video lesson, Pierre teaches Hekimoglu, LeLendemain de la Fete, La Danse Du Capricorne, The Return from Fingal, Voyage for Ireland, The Rakish Paddy, and many more. Booklet included.

The Guitar of Pierre Bensusan Volume 2 MB95672VX $39.95
Pierre Bensusan is known worldwide as an artist of superlative imagination and technical skill. Although he plays in the DADGAD tuning, his music reaches far beyond the idiom of a guitar played in a non-standard tuning. In this second video lesson Pierre teaches suite Flamande, Nice Feeling, Four A.M., La Femme Cambree, Shi Bhig Shi Mhor, The Last Pint and Flamorgan Aire.

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