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Adventures in Fingerstyle Guitar 1 HL00641360 $29.95

This challenging 70 min. session will propel your playing to new heights and open your ears to a myriad of possibilities for solo guitar. Juber has played guitar for Paul McCartney's Wings, as well as for TV and Film Soundtracks.

Adventures in Fingerstyle Guitar 2 HL00641361 29.95

Lawrence Jubers Second Video features a full array of techniques to create superb voicings and unique guitar arrangements. You learn 2-hand tapping, thumb slaps, harmonics and more percussive techniques.

Celtic Instrumentals for Fingerstyle Guitar 2 Video Set HL00641406 $49.95

Al Petteway is an award-winning (Musician of the Year) fingerstyle guitarist who specializes in beautiful Celtic instrumentals. On these two videos he teaches magnificent arrangements of both traditional tunes and his own contemporary Celtic-style compositions. Video one is entirely made up of pieces in DADGAD tuning so popular among players of British Isles music, while video two covers a variety of alternate tunings. Songs include: The Red-Haired Boy · Sidh beag sidh mor · Chesapeake · Jock O'Hazeldean · and more.

Essential DADGAD for Beginners HL00641472 $29.95

Here is an easy introduction to DADGAD for those who are new to alternate tunings and want to explore its unique sounds on the guitar. Artie Traum shows how to retune the guitar quickly and easily, form the important chords in the key of D (some using only one finger), improvise instrumentals, write songs, and get funky with country blues ideas. Using the folk classic The Water Is Wide as an example, Artie reveals how a song can be harmonized using basic chord positions in this tuning.

Introduction to Alternate Tunings MB98517VX $29.95
This video provides the answer for guitarists who want to begin to explore the world of alternate tunings. In this lesson Pat Kirtley presents simplified but highly musical and playable arrangements in four different tunings. The arrangements presented where chosen for advanced-beginner to intermediate skill level, and to illustrate the differences and unique features of each tuning. This is an excellent first step into an interesting aspect of contemporary guitar playing. Pat shows you: how to tune your guitar to each of the tunings; how to get into the tunings without need for an electronic tuner; the pros and cons of alternate tunings; complete instruction for each tune including full explanations and split-screen versions showing both hands at once; harmonic "chime" techniques; right-hand fingerstyle techniques.
Learn to Play the Songs of John Denver HL00641511 $29.95
This video is for guitarists who want to get familiar with the world of Celtic music on fingerstyle guitar. National Fingerstyle Guitar Champion, Pat Kirtley, presents challenging arrangements in the DADGAD tuning of six traditional tunes from Ireland and Scotland. These arrangements are designed for guitarists who are already at advanced-beginner to intermediate level and want to explore a completely different musical style. The skill level progresses throughout the lesson from the very easy but melodic Skye Boat Song to a challenging dance tune Boys from Blue Hill. Pat also shows you: the structure and form of Celtic tunes; how to understand and play dance rhythms- jigs and reels; how to identify the different types of tune in this genre; How to play Celtic ornaments adapted from fiddle and wind instrument techniques; how to embellish the melody on slow tunes; how DADGAD tuning enhances Celtic arrangements.
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