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Anyone Can Play Fingerstyle Guitar MB94327VX $19.95

Paul has taught for the past 15 years - not only guitar but also banjo, resonator guitar, hammered dulcimer, lap dulcimer, and autoharp. The lessons he presents are derived from his own easy-to-learn method which doesn't require the student to read music. Basic accompaniment patterns will be learned. The student will then progress to the alternating bass styles while learning fingerstyle classics.

Learning To Fingerpick HL00641020 $29.95

An elementary knowledge of guitar chords is all you'll need to get started picking out syncopated melodies while maintaining a steady bass accompaniment in the styles of Merle Travis, Mississippi John Hurt and others.

The Guitar of David Wilcox HL00641315 $39.95

Popular singer/songwriter David Wilcox is renowned for inventive fingerstyle accompaniments to his original songs. Using a variety of unusual tunings, David shows how he provides rich harmonics and counterpoints to accompany his incisive lyrics. Teaches nine of his popular songs: Eye Of The Hurricane, Rusty Old American Dream, New World, Language Of The Heart, Distant Water, spin, and more.

Contemporary Fingerstyle Workshop HL00641345 $29.95

Chris Proctor is known as a talented fingerstyle guitarist and a top clinician whose popular guitar workshops have helped thousands of aspiring guitarists throughout the country. In this special video, you can now see Chris' unique ability to communicate ideas for new sounds and instrumental effects. Includes beautiful arrangements to some of Chris' most sought-after instrumentals.

The Guitar of Patty Larkin HL00641403 $39.95
Patty Larkin, widely known for her compelling, emotionally charged songs, is also a master of fingerstyle picking, alternate tunings, tapping and slapping techniques, and innovative chord progressions. She teaches how to play some of her most popular songs, including: Tango · Booth of Glass · Dear Diary · Open Hand · and the funky hit, Wolf at the Door. Patty breaks each song into distinct sections, slowly demonstrating how she gets the most out of each technique. With elements of jazz, funk, Celtic music and rock infusing her songs, Patty Larkin is the ideal teacher for those who want to add spice and color to their music.
Learn to Play the Songs of John Denver HL00641511 $29.95
John Denver was one of the most beloved figures in the history of American popular music. Pete Huttlinger was John's lead guitarist from 1994 until his tragic death in 1997, accompanying him on world tours, Grammy-winning recordings and TV specials. On this instructional video and DVD, Pete breaks down eight John Denver hits, teaching the easy but effective chord progressions, picking patterns and bass runs that made his arrangements so compelling. Songs include: My Sweet Lady · I'm Sorry · Annie's Song · Late Winter Early Spring (instrumental) · Fly Away · Boy from the Country · Darcy Farrow · and Rocky Mountain High.
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